So, you got me, I am a unicorn lover. Are you? (Let’s be serious: it’s hard not to be one!). I also like food very much. So, today I did combine both these elements. What? No, I’m not going to eat a unicorn, LOL! Wait a moment, yes I actually am… in a way, and likely you are too.

Here’s the thing: are you looking for amazing unicorn cakes designs? If the answer is yes, well, you’re very lucky. I found at least two of the cutest things I’ve ever seen about that. Not just unicorn, but also many other cakes designs ideas.

The face of “Unicorns eat cookies”

Guys meet “Unicorns eat cookies, the blog of a girl who knows a lot about cakes and cake designs.

Her name is Nicole. She lives in a fantastic place where unicorns eat cookies and it’s she herself to bake for them.

Italian by birth, but living in UK, Nicole tells a “story made of a thousand different flavors and colors, where cookies are protagonists”.

She loves to prepare delightful bites and she would even like to hire a unicorn for home delivery. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll accomplish this task, by the way, we wish her to succeed.

Not by chance she says she’s a daydreamer. Meanwhile, she bakes palate’s delights that are yummy even in pictures! Take a look at these cake toppers:

Cake toppers


Homemade big fan, Nicole’s recipes are totally made up with natural ingredients: because she wants only the best for her unicorns.

Without further delay let’s get started with this roundup of delicious goodness. Which other cake would I be talking about first if not the unicorn chiffon cake?

Unicorn chiffon cake

Known to be as fluffy as a cloud this cake is butter cream covered and sugar paste decorated with meringues on top. Wonderful, is it? Simply perfect… actually, thinking about it, it has a flaw, a big one, I can tell: it’s too beautiful to be eaten ^_^

Would you like to try it? No worries, because, since she cares about her unicorns, Nicole made a video-tutorial to make this wonderful cake.

That’s a good idea to surprise your guests at your little girl’s birthday party or, why not, at your own.

I promised you another unicorn design; well, it’s not proper a cake, but it’s a simple and amazing decoration that would be perfect on a cake too. Drum roll… Ta-da! It’s a unicorn pumpkin.

Nicole used fondant to decorate it, but, you could also apply this idea to realize a centerpiece by using clay.

Pumpkin unicorn


It’s almost Easter time, which is why the next cake is a carrot cake filled with cream cheese and topped with a cute lamb face.

Who says that Easter is just for Easter Bunny? In Italy, we are used to eating lamb on Easter Day, but whether you are a vegan or simply don’t eat meat this carrot cake should do.

Carrot cake with Easter decoration

Nicole made an Easter centerpiece too by decorating eggs using only Mother Nature’s help: vegetables to color them. Here’s how to have different colors:

Natural DIY Easter eggs
  • Red cabbage to make turquoise eggs
  • Carrots to turn them bright yellow
  • Yellow onions to turn them brick-red
  • Blueberries to turn them light purple
  • Spinach to turn them green.


Italian jam tart for Mother’s Day

Spring is in the air and this decorated Italian jam tart seems to celebrate this season.

Actually Nicole made this cake for her mom, in particular for Mother’s Day, and the spontaneity of a mother’s love inspired this simple and beautiful design.

She used an Italian shortcrust for the base and then a pie crust (like a traditional American one) to decorate, because, as she explains, “decorations keep their shape better after being baked”.

I love particularly this idea where these two traditions meet, because Italy is my origin country and North America is the country where I currently live, plus I love crust pies!


Moustaches cake for Father’s Day

We talked about moms, now it’s dads time!

Our Nicole made this special delicacy for Father’s Day.

Why mustaches to decorate it?Because her dad used to have mustaches back in the 70’s and this memory is related to her childhood. How sweet!



This recipe made me literally freak out! I love things that are not what they look like. It’s a creativity blast, I mean taking a subject and turning it into something else, not altering its essence… it’s brilliant! Here is fruit sushi:

Fruit sushi

Fruit tarts with custard cream are another big passion of mine, also are a cornerstone the Italian confectionery tradition… I remember looking forward to dessert time during Sunday’s family’s lunches.

Just take the chance to taste them and you can’t help loving them too. A rainbow of hues and a perfect mix between creamy and fresh. I totally agree with Nicole when she says “Guys, believe me, these tarts are amazing!”

Fruit tarts with custard cream


Dulcis in fundo (Last but not least), I left chocolate as the last today’s recipe. Back in the UK, after her Italian Christmas holidays, Nicole published the recipe of chocolate bites on a stick, perfect side dish of a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it, yum.

Chocolate bites on a stick

This dessert’s presentation is truly a synthesis of design: it combines the beauty (in this case the goodness) with the functional.

In fact, these pieces of chocolate on a stick are perfect to soak in hot cocoa without getting dirty, but enjoying all the pleasure of the chocolate taste that melts in your mouth. Great job Nicole!


You know what? I really like how passionate Nicole is about her job, especially because every recipe is filled up not just only with delicious stuffing but, above all, with memories linked to her roots: Italian traditional baking.

I leave you with all these great ideas about cake design and I invite you to try some Nicole’s recipes and tell us how it went. Deal? Looking forward to reading your comments and watching some pictures of yours recipes.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

See you soon,







  1. Hello Hiamari
    I really had nice time going through your presentation. Beautifully designed and richly flavored with a lots of stuffs just like the cakes that you mentioned. The flow of the language is thorough. Ideas are great and creative. The pictures are wonderful and and the video tutorial is amazing. Overall I don’t see any downside. Yours is a professional piece of work and you are a great designer.
    Simple to understand everything that you shared and highly interesting. I give 100 cheers to your wonderful work.

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