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One evening, back from work, my husband says to me: “Love, I’ve received a very tempting job offer!”.

He had a strange light in his eyes. Immediately, I understood that it was something big… The job was in the US!

Basically the dream of the first part of my life: living in America!

Like many of my generation, born in ’76, America was seen as a myth, at the forefront in almost all fields. America was at least 20 years ahead of us.

Well, my eyes swelled with tears and I shuddered, I even had a turn.

Cristian, my husband, who knew about my dream as a teenager, has always warned me about what I wish: “If it comes true, are you ready to deal with it?”

Was I ready? We were ready to face all this? Furthermore, we were not alone, there was also Leonardo, our baby, who at the time was just 3 years old.

After a first moment of disbanding, we set at a table and we wrote a list of pros and cons.

Among the pros:

  • a more comfortable life from an economic point of view
  • the chance to learn one of the most widely spoken languages in the world
  • growing Leo as a bilingual
  • improving the already well-nourished work experience of Cristian
  • growing as a couple and as a family relying only on our strength
  • I did not have a job anymore, after the fraudulent bankruptcy of the company I worked for as graphic designer… So, no job to keep

Among the counter stands a word on all, written in capital letters: THE FAMILY!

We both broke our parents’ heart by making this decision. Above all our mothers’! But now the family was just the three of us. Dads have been much more understanding, perhaps because Italian mothers are more attached to their children. However, with a tearful heart, they gave us all their sincerest blessing. “Live your life!”, They told us. And so began our American adventure.

Friends were happy for us, but also sad for being apart. I remember that, on more than one occasion, we gathered in front of a pizza and a beer contemplating the possibility of emigrating all together. The choice of the country was a disaster ^ _ ^. In fact, we never agreed!

At the end only the three of us have departed. However, it would have been wonderful to do it all together! At least we would have had our little community with us.

From Rome to Charlotte (NC)

And here we are. Two exact years have passed really today. It was June 21st when we took the plane to live our new life 🙂

Expectations? So many! Difficulties, many too! Human beings are creatures able to adapt, but children are amazing for their ability to overcome adults in embracing change.

We were so worried about Leonardo. Changing home, school, friends, language. How could he face all of this? Of course it was not easy at all, but he did it great… Today he speaks and understands English better than us: D

The most complicated thing to deal with when you move to another country is figuring out how things work there. You give too many things for granted when moving from an occidental country to another occidental country! Soon, you realize that what works in Italy in one way does not work in the same way in America. From the simplest things, like shopping or going out for dinner, driving up to the purchase of a car or a house. There are so many differences that we never thought of!

Many times I said to myself: “This is just another planet!”. Well it is. Everything is different, but above all America is far away. It is far from Italy, very far, too far… We are on the other side of the globe! Everything is bigger here, even bugs… Ew!

Before leaving, I asked myself several times what I would have done in America. How would I have spent my time? I had contemplated the idea of opening a blog to talk about this experience, but I never actually did it. So far!

Four months ago, started with the intention of talking about fashion and design. Then I found myself writing more about fashion than design. Who would have said it? Later, the idea of writing about fashion for mothers, just like me, has matured! In short, the exegesis of a blog is not always linear, especially for a person like me who thinks one thing and makes one hundred: D!

Cristian told me that he’d like to write about how things work here, to be useful to other expats who have the opportunity to move to America. Even if he comes home for lunch every day, which was absolutely not even conceivable back in Rome, he still works a lot and so he has little time left to relax and do whatever he has in mind.

As always, however, he has good intuitions and, as always, by way of crossroads, I also get there… Sooner or later! So, here I am writing about this experience, but also about other things. At this point I cannot say what direction the blog will take, I only know that I want to write and if you want to accompany me on this journey, I am more than happy to welcome you on board ^_^