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Dear Hiamoms, surely you’ve noticed that manipulation of moldable dough such as play dough, salt dough, etc., is a creative game our children love to go crazy. Even when they are very little. Especially if they’re moldable dough DIY, meaning they’re safe and suitable for our kids.

In fact, through manipulation, the child explores, experiments and discovers the materials’ characteristics with his own hands.

Moldable dough’s manipulation activity develops his creativity and dexterity. It also favors oculo-manual coordination and stimulates cognitive abilities. The hands move and shape the material… transforming it. What a marvel and what a pleasant sensation!

moldable dough

The child discovers he can shape reality and leave an imprint on it: the expression of himself.

Manipulation offers our children the opportunity to experiencing the surrounding environment. It also offers the possibility to observe changes themselves.

“Manual work with a practical purpose helps to acquire an inner discipline.”

Maria Montessori

Thanks to this activity with moldable dough they learn about the properties of things, making direct experience of them.

Weight, consistency, volume, smell, color, taste, noise, resistance, malleability. All these features are perceived not only through their hands (touch), but with all their other senses.


How many times do your children ask you to go to a friend’s house or invite him over? Leonardo asks me almost every day :D! If you have an only child, like me, it is good to let him spend an afternoon with a friend. Or more than one, occasionally.

Why not provide them a fun activity afternoon with modeling dough? An ideal group consists of 5/6 children. You could prepare more than one kind of modeling dough. It will be fun to watch them interact and create.

Pay attention dear moms, I used the term “observe” with a specific purpose.

In fact, the task of us adults is to let our children free to play spontaneously. I understand very well that the temptation to suggest them what to model or how to do it is very strong. But bite your lips and step aside. Let them experiment on their own, because that is how they will learn.

moldable dough

So, try not to interfere and not to intervene unless they are doing something dangerous. Or when chaos is about to take over ^ – ^! Do not be the obstacle between him and their experience… it is the greatest gift you can make.

Manipulation of soft moldable dough relaxes and concentrates our little ones. Therefore you can propose this activity after an eventful game or following a moment of frustration or anger. In fact, moldable dough manipulation allows them to regain their serenity after a moment of agitation or a whim.


Let’s come to us and our recipes for modeling dough. Today I present 7. Each has different ingredients and is suitable for various ages.

Choose the one you prefer to create and experiment with your child. That’s a nice way to spend a delightful afternoon of fun and dexterity ^ – ^

Before starting with our recipes I would like to remind you to pay attention during the preparation of modeling pastes. Make sure they can be effectively used by your children, based on their age. Remember, moreover, to supervise your children during the activities proposed.

And now let’s start this journey through the discovery of the different DIY modeling dough. Let’s propose our children a fun and educational game at the same time.

The children will dive without hesitation in this wonderful discovery and experimentation. Indeed the moldable dough will unleash the wings of their imagination.

  4. NUTELLA DOUGH (coming soon)
  5. SLIME
  6. TOOTHPASTE DOUGH (coming soon)
  7. CONDITIONING DOUGH (coming soon)

A hug to all of you my dearest Hiamoms and see you soon,



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Homemade play doughHow much do our munchkins love play dough? They’re just so into it! They use plenty of it. What if I told you that you can make homemade play dough in your kitchen with natural and non-toxic ingredients… Would you try the recipe?

That’s what I’m here for dearest moms. Today I wanna offer you the recipe of this homemade play dough. It’s natural, economic and it lasts even to a month. Here you will find other recipes of DIY modeling pastes that I collected for you, and an in-depth analysis on the importance of molding for our children.

Moreover, you’ll notice that this dough in particular has a wonderful consistency: soft to the touch and very moldable. Not to mention the fact that this homemade play dough is non-toxic, non-sticky and not dirty.

homemade play doughhomemade play dough

Moreover, since the ingredients are all natural, there is no danger if your little ones prepare a pizza and, driven by curiosity, taste a piece of it. In fact, this homemade play dough is completely edible, but certainly not to eat because of the great amount of salt.

In all cases, it is better to take a bite of this homemade play dough than to eat a shovel full of sand like my Leonardo did when he was one and a half year old on the beach! ^ – ^ Did your children eat sand in industrial quantities when they were little?

homemade play dough

Anyway, if you are ready grab these ingredients and fasten your apron!


  • 1 glass of flour

  • 1/2 glass of salt up

  • 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar

  • a teaspoon of seed oil

  • 1 glass of warm water

  • food coloring

You can also add a few drops of essential oil or natural flavors (such as vanillas) to perfume your dough.

As an alternative to cream of tartar you can use baking powder, baking soda, potato starch or 1 teaspoon and a half of lemon juice.

If you want you can also double the doses and prepare your homemade play dough. Then, add to each stick the color you want and your homemade play dough set is ready for your children to play with!


Pour all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until all is amalgamated. As soon as the mixture is compact and detached from the walls, work it with your hands to remove all the lumps. Et voila, the homemade play dough is ready for the little ones!

Warning: pay attention to the amount of water you pour, if you put too much the homemade play dough could be sticky.

Storage: once used you can store the homemade play dough in an airtight container and you will not even need to put it in the refrigerator, because it will be preserved very well.

Here you can find all the tools with whom the children can work the homemade play dough as molds, extruders, rolling pins and much more!

homemade playdough
Dough capital letters cutters
Homemade play dough
Clay dough tools kit

I’ll leave you to this short video that explains step by step how to make the homemade play dough.

If you had fun preparing this homemade play dough I strongly recommend you to take a look at the posts on how to make the marshmallow modeling dough, also useful for cakes decoration, and the non-toxic and natural slime ^ – ^!

See you next time,