Hello! How are you today? It really seems that Spring is finally here. It’s time for the change of season in our closet.

Which are the fashion color trends for Spring-Summer 2018? Let’s find out together. So, we are in front of our closet and it seems that nothing is OK for the new season. Wrong! Apparently nothing new has come out of the catwalks from Milan, Paris, London and New York. It really looks like ideas, good ideas, are over. If once fashion dared, now it seems to be dormant. In fact, we are in a time of crisis and the only trend that appears to be in vogue is to recycle the wardrobe of the 80s and 90s. At least that’s what we saw lately from the most famous fashion designers.

The new rule is “to desecrate” with dissonance: “Put the wrong piece on the right body”! It’s the triumph of do as you like”, go wild and put together different shapes, different patterns, different fashion color trends but, with taste. Fashion, as we have known it in the golden years, still seems to be hibernating. We will make a reason for it, grudgingly. If we have to customize to our liking, better doing it the right way… if there is a right way!


Did you know that every year Pantone decrees a trendy color? This year it is Ultra Violet, among other colors obviously. I wanna show you the palette currently in vogue.


The pastel colors will still be among us… YEAH: Pink Lavender and Blooming Dahlia, but with nuances that will make them turn towards the fluo… DOUBLE YEAH: Meadowlark and Lime Punch.

We will also have more vibrant colors for the Summer such as Cherry Tomato, between red and orange, Little Boy Blue, Arcadia and Spring Crocus.

The cornerstones to match will be the brown colors of the earth as Chili Oil and Emperador accompanied by the soft color Almost Mauve.

So far as you are a disaster in matching colors, do not worry because there is a way to make up for this lack. There is a magic tool that can tell you how to combine colors in the right way, it’s called the Itten color wheel.

Itten Color Wheel

Take a color and combine it with the diametrically opposite one. Do not never match it with the one on the side. You can also play with different gradations in the same segment. Keep in mind that white, black, gray and beige combine with everything. That said it will come more easily for you to chose the winning color combination.


The most quoted piece of clothing on fashion catwalks is definitely the trench, so we can only hope that the next seasons are full of rain (actually NO! Spring and Summer are the stage for sun and heat, they have to be a MUST forever).

We come to the cloth prints: from Prada’s comics to Balenciaga’s bills not to mention Dolce & Gabbana’s playing cards and Donatella Versace’s multicolor pop prints… sadly everything already seen! We’ll get used to that? NO, at least I never will.

Gucci cotton tank top

Lettering and logos become as tattoos on the fabric, take a look at Gucci…

Honestly I think it’s too much. It’s like we are the fashion stylists’ product that is marked with their brand just for advertising.

I don’t wanna be a passive object, I wanna take action on my very own style, that’s why I’m not a fashion victim and I never will.

Animalier, fringes, satin, vinyl, transparencies and glitter will still be accompanying us through these coming seasons.

Turbans and wide hair bands for the head. Vintage scarf elegantly tied to the neck, very bon-ton. Waist bag, backpacks and shoulder bags.




How to go through this at best? To be never wrong let’s ask for help from Coco Chanel:

“Badly dressed and they will remember the dress. Impeccably dressed and they will remember the woman!”

Never forget that fashion passes, style remains, just to mention Coco Chanel again!

Some tricks to get out of the anxiety of the “what I put on?” question. Here’s my suggestion: create your own style. Be who you are, because how do we look is how we are. Our clothes tell the world something about us. It’s like our business card. Remember to always feel comfortable about what you’re wearing, because there’s nothing worst then looking at a person who’s not at ease in his/her own clothes. You can tell it for sure!

So far as you find yourself constantly covering that little bundle of flab that comes out of your shirt, use longer shirts! So far as you can’t walk on vertiginous heels, just don’t wear ‘em. Ultra Violet is the last word? Don’t wear it, if you feel like a raisin or a plum with that color on.

Whenever fashion dictates the law, you can choose to be an outlaw! You are your own fashion designer, because no one else but you know exactly what enhances your body and, mostly, what makes you feel comfortable. This is the only rule.

I hope this post helped. So far as you have any questions please let me know, I’ll be more than glad to answer you. Don’t forget to let us know your personal opinion about Spring-Summer 2018 fashion trends. I leave you with some of my Spring-Summer looks, click on the pictures to see all the individual items. See you soon!


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Fluo Spring Outfit
Peachy Summer Outfit
Spring Outfit
Sporty Outfit
Shiny Night Outfit
Week End Outfit
This is me in Greenville wearing fluo colors
Punchlime will be the most seen color on the road! Just a joke ^_^


  1. I absolutely love this BLOG! You have made it super simple to follow the fashions trends! The colour wheel is fantastic and I can totally follow the style for the season. I love the pieces you assemble to make the perfect outfit. I am in love with the Fluo Spring Outfit! The crochet top is so fun!! Thank you for making this spring fashion transition super easy!

    1. Thank you Kathleen, I’m so glad to hear that!
      I love the fluo too. Actually I used those colors when I a was a teen and never thought that I’d wear ’em again in my life 😀
      Tastes change especially with time passing by ^_^


  2. Having 3 kids it gets harder to follow the fashion trends. I am glad that I can find posts like this that would update me in seconds with what the trends are and how to look perfect even with so busy lifestyle!
    I think I am more of a casual person, so sporty outfits and fluo spring outfits were my favorites. And I love peach colors and blu marine.
    I agree that logo trend is not my favorite. Even though I like to buy brand-able clothes, I do not like to show off with wearing the ones with the logo across the chest. I feel like an advertising station that way 😀 Then actually brand companies should pay us for that advertising 😉 What do you think?

    1. We’re on the same page Anna! I’ve always thought that fashion brands should pay us to wear their clothes, too, because, in effect, we advertise them for free! So, our strength, at this point, lies in choosing. Beyond the basic clothes you just need one or two accessories to turn your look from fine to wow. Style is creativity and I’d rather play with fashion than succumb to it, because fashion is just a tool and we have to use it in our favor… to enhance our personality.
      So glad that you stopped by and took time to read my post. Thank you!


  3. Very nice! I’m at such a lost when it comes to fashion. Your blog definitely gave me some great ideas for this Spring. Colorful bog. I love it. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thank you Tiffany!
      Fashion should not intimidate us, it is only a tool that becomes our ally when we use it with our head: the last word is always up to us! When we feel comfortable and our figure is enhanced we win! That’s all.


  4. Great colors and so different one another. A nice way to express different moods. Love both the lime/tomato/aquamarine and the coral/aquamarine/beige combos.

  5. Brilliant post, I like the colour wheel as it really helps match clothing colours, I’ve never seen this before. I love the idea of creating your own style as this means people can feel comfortable in their own skin and clothing colours,

    thanks again

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