Howdy folks! You ever happened to scream in front of the mirror: “What am I gonna wear today?”. I know, it’s common practice, but no worries, because a good guide can get you out of trouble in no time! You just need the right women basic wardrobe essentials… Piece of cake!

There are garments that are a Must Have in your closet. Do you know why? That because a last minute invitation can happen more often than you think. So, you have to be ready for anything.

Moreover, if your closet is well organized with wardrobe essentials, it will never let you down! That way you’ll never panic, on the contrary, you’ll always be satisfied in managing this kind of “last minute alarm”.

An ordered wardrobe is your best allied
Now you know that, let’s take a look at basics clothes. I have identified 14 and here they are:
  1. Little Black Dress
  2. Trench Coat
  3. Black elegant Trousers
  4. White Under-Button
  5. Top
  6. Jeans
  7. Tube Skirt
  8. Dress
  9. Blazer
  10. Sweater
  11. Leggings
  12. Cardigan
  13. Lace Garment
  14. Tweed Coat


Known also as “petite robe noire”, to say it in the Coco Chanel way, this timeless, passe-partout (or skeleton-key, if you prefer) dress makes a woman perfect for any occasion, from the most casual to the most demanding.

Better if at the knee and sleeveless, or with the barely hinted sleeve, in fabric by half weight to make it versatile and ideal for all seasons.

With a little help from accessories you can revolutionize this simple and linear, so feminine and chic dress to be in line with the occasion you are invited to participate.

I’m talking about brooches, rhinestone rings, shoes, clutches, stoles and jewels that allow you to wear it every time as if it were the first one. You can do literally anything with a LBD, your BFF when it comes to woman’s dresses! LBD with its simple and clean lines is a white canvas! Check it out:

Just add a saucy slit detail, killer heels and you go immediately vamp.

Add mesh or lace details and “boom”… It’s glam!

With Swiss-Dot Tights you can turn your look into 40’s flavor.

Add an embellished detachable collar and you go instantly bon-ton!

Wear cow-boy boots! How country style is that?

Match it with a fashionable printed bomber jacket to play down the classic LBD style.

Or accessorize it with a statement necklace, leather ankle boots… Rock style!

Put on animal printed Décolleté shoes… so cool!

Wanna go sophisticated? Simply add a pop of shine with a metal belt!

You can try an under-button underneath it for a school-girl inspired look.

Wear a colorful coat/trench on it to add a witty note.

Combine it with sneakers… Do you think is a too bald move? Well, because it is, but for the most brave ones the result can give life to a delightful contrast!

Have to meet some friends to the dance-floor after work? Just put on a sequin or tailored-jacket, and snap!

Wanna turn your outfit upside down, in a good way? Wear a faux fur on it… A more than successful contrast, cozy and stylish!

Here’s my selection of LBDs for all budgets! From left to right: under $100, under $200 and above $200Click on the images to see the collections and … good shopping! ^_^


So in vogue on the latest catwalks, so much to hope that it rains throughout whole spring and summer (frankly “NO, thanks!”).

Did you know that this garment was worn by British military soldiers in the “Trenches” during World War I?

In the years to come they were made famous and timeless by celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich and Humphrey Bogart and has endured as a fashion staple until today. So much so that it has become one of the most durable clothing icons in Britain. Click here to read the whole story ^_^

In the collective imagination the trench coat has become synonymous with power, danger (worn by both detective and gangsters in the movies) and sensuality (where it’s worn by women with high heels). Actually is worn by flashers too, but let’s keep hight the reputation of this great cloth!

Burberry became the first trench manufacturer, transforming and enhancing the properties of this item of clothing. It became much lighter, not constricting, water-proof, breathable in summer and warm in wintertime: the trench coat for all seasons!

The color to dress well remains the original one, camel. It’s perfect for spring and autumn when the temperature is mild, because it’s never too hot or too cold. Elegant and refined for people with a touch of class it also well matches with sporty looks.

Below, left to right, a selection of Trench Coat under $ 100, under $200 and above $200… Have fun gals!


High-waisted trousers for those who have long legs and want to hide a little belly, hipster pants, good especially for skinny girls.

Depending on the shoes you choose to combine with you can have a comfortable (sneakers) or sophisticated look (heels and fake fur).

Not to mention a very rock style wearing a leather jacket and chains around your neck. This cloth is another skeleton-key, so precious for your wardrobe and a great ally for a successful outfit!


A white under-button can’t be missed by your wardrobe! It’s a MUST like the LBD. It’s ok 12 months a years. You can build different outfits all well-chosen around the white under-button.

Pair it with black trousers or a tube skirt to look elegant at your work place or with a pair of jeans to hang out with your friends. In the Summer you can even use it on your bathing suit.

5. TOP

When I talk about “top” I mean T-shirt too, long, short, oversize or tight. You can combine a top with leggings, jeans, skirts. Go crazy with long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless, bare shoulders and so on and so forth, depending on whether you want to look romantic, rock, elegant or casual.


A pair of denim jeans must be in everyone’s wardrobe. They were used as a work wear, but since then they’ve become a piece of clothing suitable for many occasions whether combined with sneakers rather than open toe, boots, ankle boots or heels.

To be honest a pair of classic jeans never set and you can wear them all year long.

That said, there are also so many kinds of jeans that you really can wear ‘em pretty much always: skinny, boyfriend, low rise, high-waisted, hipster, jeggins, boot cut, bell-bottom pants, jeweled.


The seasons follow each other and each of them offers different models of skirt, but the tube skirt remains a classic and never goes out of fashion because of its extreme simplicity.

It can be a classic garment, elegant, but also sensual if worn with an under-button. Just a skirt, a pair of opaque tights, a top to always be feminine and elegant. You can wear it sporty with a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers or with lace and cardigan for a more bon -on version.


With the dress we enhance our femininity. There are thousands of different shapes and colors. Choose the model that best enhances your body and your shapes.

It can be combined with opaque and colored tights in autumn/winter or with lighter tights in spring.

When you wear a dress you do not need anything else to be original! Just to never go wrong, I suggest having at least three type of dress: romantic, sexy and cocktail dress.


The jacket is an element taken directly from the male wardrobe, but listen closely, do not underestimate this piece of clothing.

Combine the blazer with a knee-length skirt or black trousers and you’ll immediately be elegant. To look more easy, instead, pair it with jeans or a light dress.

It goes beautifully both with heels and sneakers… Powerful!

With the jacket it’s easy to always hit the target.

Even if the blazer is a jacket with a masculine cut, I suggest you to take it with a feminine cut, especially if you are curvy. Our wardrobe, as a friend, must enhance our figure, not to flatten it!


Pure wool or cashmere, a nice winter turtleneck sweater is a very useful passe-partout, easy to put on jeans, skirts and trousers.

Also, the sweatshirt is a good choice because, today, they make it really beautiful and elegant, printed and precious that are good even over short or tube skirts, with sneakers or heels.


Even the leggings are a piece of clothing you must have, because they can be combined with almost everything, depending on the final effect you choose to give.

Faux-leather leggings combined with a cashmere sweater and leather jacket, blazer or bomber for an overall chic look.

You can also pair it with a turtleneck, hoodie and eventually a parka, in winter time, for a cozy look.

Just black leggings, black cashmere sweater and low heel décolleté shoes for a Audrey Hepburn bon-ton, minimal and elegant look.

The strength of leggings lies in being able to combine them with shoes that are so different from each other such as flat ankle boots, sneakers or heels to have a different look each time!

Wanna be cozy and chic? Then wear leggings with a top and a cocoon cardigan.

Choose an athletic look by tying a hoodie around the waist, especially if showing your bottom does not make you feel comfortable.

Oversize sweater and sneakers for a casual look or a button-down shirt on top.

Put on a leather motor jacket and it’s instantly street style look.

Knee boots, flats, boots, low heels, high heels, sneakers… You can really have fun playing to create various looks with shoes, sweaters and accessories.


The cardigan is another piece of clothing that can save your outfit. You are spoiled for choice.

For a touch of bon-ton choose a cardigan screwed with buttons, very 50’s. It also allows you to dare with colors: cobalt, pink, yellow, green grass, orange, red or purple.

Wanna go sexy showing an hourglass shape? Add a belt at your true waist… Cinch!

Leave it opened for a flattering, soft look.

For a short-over-long play match a short cardigan at the waist with a longer shirt.

Or wear very short shorts under a very long cardigan for a WOW look, check my post about this outfit.

Enhance your bald print dress by adding a solid cardigan to look more sophisticated, or, just the opposite, add a dramatic long patterned cardigan to a basic look and don’t forget to match dramatic accessories as well.

To have a more interesting look wear an open-knit, lacy and crocheted cardigan.

In short, dig it!


Lace is romantic and delicate and it can not miss from the female wardrobe!

Whether it’s a top, a dress, a skirt or a jacket it can be bon-ton or very sexy, it depends on the accessories you put on it! Here you can play with shoes (heels, boots, ankle boots, décolleté, open toe), scarfs, jewelry, hats and why not? Gloves… Rita Hayworth’s Gilda style!


This is another garment to absolutely have, specially in fall and winter time, because it goes very well with all styles and keeps warm. Choose a well-cut model so that it can last over the years. With sneakers or heels, light dresses or jeans, by day or in the evening, closed or leaning behind, you will not leave this coat anymore.


I said a lot about a woman’s basic wardrobe and what can not be missing. Of course there is much more to talk about, but, gals, one thing at a time 😉

Do you have all you need for your essential wardrobe? If not yet, fix this as soon as possible! Here you can find all it takes to be prepared for any occasion ^_^

Do you want me to tell more about a particular garment? Write it down in the comment box and I’ll be more than glad to help you. If you have any question, please let me know. See you soon my dear fashion gals :*


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