Hi folks, today I’m gonna show you where to find vintage chic home decor objects to set your own urban industrial style. If you missed my post about industrial design style in which I explain its principles and rules, catch up right here!

We have seen how industrial style is based essentially on discovering rather than on hiding, so brick walls alternate with concrete walls, leaving wires and piping in evidence.

Though, this may involve the risk of making the environment seem too cold and inhospitable, but we do not want this; we want the atmosphere to be warm and welcoming and we can do this with the help of vintage chic home decor items. With no further ado let’s begin with some wall decorations.


Some of the most fashionable objects are wall clocks. If you like to visit flea markets you’d be able to find ancient and original ones, but you can also buy them from online stores that offer perfect objects for urban industrial style, even if brand new.

Just remember that industrial style doesn’t mean shabby! All the objects must be kept in great care, even showing their factory defects and the joining lines. For example, metal objects must be polished and stain-free. Keep it in mind!

Reminding us of recycling and reuse, the wall clocks should be made from other objects or remind of the clocks that were used in the factories or warehouses of the past.

Rounded and sweet ornaments become useful to contrast the hard and squared lines of brick and cement. And here comes the sweet harmony of rounded wall clocks.

Would you ever say that you could get a watch from a bicycle wheel? Imagine it hanged on an exposed brick wall, don’t you find it fits perfectly with the style in question? If you have a bike you could think about hanging it on the wall as well… and it seems to be in a warehouse instantly!

Since a bicycle and a wall clock bicycle wheel would be redundant, you could opt for an oversize roman numeral wall clock… tres chic!

What about the one made from a porthole? It is very original and perfect for a concrete wall, where the metal stands out with its sheen contrasting with a matt background. As well as the beige vintage fan wall clock! Or the vintage-aged clock as well.

What else remind the most a factory if not gears? Here some gear works wall clocks:

If you have a wall that makes a corner this double-sided iron wall clock would be very nice, so you can read the hour from mostly every part of the room! It has the power to transport you back in time like if you were in an old train station.

And finally a collection of floor clocks made from tripods and other metal systems that reminds of those floor lamps used in photographic studios.


A decorated wall is the core of a warm house. Bare walls make it seem like an inhabited and abandoned environment, don’t you think? Plus there is a lot of elegant and funny stuff you can find to defuse a too serious environment.

Now, I no longer have to remind you to lighten the environment, so as not to risk having a too heavy effect!


Another important aspect of urban style is light! Light is a key element in industrial style, that’s because factories and warehouses used to have large windows that brought a lot of natural light and heat into environments otherwise, by their nature, dark and cold.

So, let’s take a look at these vintage floor lamps on a tripod. I added a tripod fan too… it was too cute not to show you!

Usually the urban chic style is well-matched with open spaces, like lofts, so kitchen, dining room and living room share the same space.

Especially in the kitchen we find pendant lamps with wires in plain sight made of metal like copper (that’s more warm than others).

Then light on the kitchen peninsulas and above the tables, where people gather to share friendly moments tasting good food and sipping Italian wine, of course!  ^_^


Here’re some side tables made of copper, wood, fabric and leather and fabric poufs. These elements of furniture can not be missing at all!

We need them to warm up the atmosphere to make our living room a pleasant place to lie watching TV or chatting with our friends! Some cool items can come handy to add a vintage touch as these here.


We have made a detailed excursus on the objects that help us to attribute an urban chic flavor to our apartment. Do you already have a room or a whole house furnished in this style? Show us the pictures of your rooms and tell us how you have furnished your spaces, where you have found the various objects and give us your suggestions and tips on how to create an industrial atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to reading all your comments, so go ahead! See you soon.


Here’s my Urban Chic Collection for Industrial Design Home Decor:

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