Howdy folks! How are you, today? Ready for a new adventure?

Recently one of my dear readers asked me to write a post about tall women with a plus size and big feet… And here I am.

Today’s post is dedicated to my dear curvy readers! Real women in real bodies! Not the ones we see on the catwalks. Absolutely not, ladies!

I don’t know what’s in fashion stylists’ mind at all when it comes to choose their models.

It’s like they’re temporarily out of their freaking mind, right?

I mean: for whom are their clothes packaged… Breadsticks?

Whatever! Personally, I think that curves are fine on a woman. Everybody has its flaws… don’t even think for a second that thin women don’t have theirs.


So, that said, everything revolves around knowing how to dress properly. Meaning enhance your strengths and camouflage your weaknesses.

Before going on, I need to tell you something that goes against the common sense of fashion: following fashion is not always the choice that fits us perfectly!

As I just said in another post, I’m not a fashion victim at all. I do not let fashion use me, but I use it to exalt my figure to the fullest.

Avoid trend if they are not in line with the raw material you have available: your body! No trend, except for accessories.

You will be trendy and always perfect if you follow the style of your body, not that of the catwalks!

This is the smartest approach to fashion according to my point of view ^_^

First of all, knowing what fits best for you means knowing your body perfectly. If you know this, you will not have any difficulty choosing the right clothing for you.


Forget to throw on the first tablecloth that comes under fire just to cover yourself. NO! This is not really the winning strategy.

However, do not make the opposite mistake: get dressed in clothes too succinct for you… The catastrophe would be lurking around the corner, either way!

Plus, if it’s true that all of us have defects, it is equally true that we have merits too. Therefore, we focus on the latter… Easy Peasy :D!

Basically, there are five types of body constitution: apple (or circle), pear (or triangle), hourglass, upside down triangle and rectangle.

1) The apple woman (or circle): has lean legs and unmarked waistline, important and straight thorax.
Strength: slender legs
2) The pear woman (or triangle): has small shoulders and breasts, wide hips and marked waist.
Strength: marked waist
3) The hourglass woman: has big breasts, marked waistline and wide hips.
Strength: the narrow waistline and the décolleté.
4) The upside-down triangle woman: has very wide shoulders and breasts, narrow hips and a long-limbed body.
Strength: narrow hips and slender and thrown legs.
5) The rectangle woman: there’s no disproportion and there’s no marked waistline. Practically this is the body we are used to seeing on catwalks, the model body with there’s no shape (little breast, flat butt, no hips and unmarked waist).
Strength: slender.

With this list in mind, do not forget that we are not all the same.

So, it is possible that your body has variations: for example, the upper part of a category and the lower part of another one.

Then, you will not have to do anything else but wear clothing that enhances that part of the body and others that disguise defects.

You have to stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself objectively, because only by identifying the category to which your body belongs, you will be able to dress better.


To build your image of success we start from the basics: underwear.

Wear a bra of the right size that supports you well, both for an aesthetic question, but especially for a health issue. Usually curvy women have abundant breasts and without a suitable bra they can suffer from back pain and we don’t want that.

The same applies to panties… Choose a model that will fit you well. It’s bad to see that a skirt or pants end up between the butt-cheek, as if the butt were eating them… Roly-poly or thin we are!

The shaping underwear can be very useful to lose a few pounds on hips, waist and thighs. Moreover, it will eliminate those annoying little rolls given by the underwear that marks.


Dark colors hide, while the light ones highlight: If you have a beautiful breast you want to highlight, use tops of light colors. If you want to divert attention from the legs, use dark colors for the lower body

• Combining colors of the same shade, but of different gradation, can create a slimming effect

If you like your waistline, wear a light belt on a dark shirt

• Wear curled or ruffled fabrics where you want to look thinner

Yes to fancy fabrics, but be careful: the big patterns will make you look fatter, while the smaller ones will make you look thinner. Floral patterns and polka dots are OK

The stripes are fine… With cautions! The vertical and diagonal ones streamline the figure, the horizontal ones tend to widen it (if you are a pear woman you may want to highlight your chest with horizontal stripes, just pay attention to the deformed lines effect)

• Jersey is a fabric that tends to highlight the rolls, better silk or cotton that gracefully glide over the shapes. Avoid velvet, especially corduroy and too-rigid denim

• Use the flounces to highlight. For example, if the breast is small, use it to make it look more prosperous. Do not put on the flounces where you want to streamline

• Choose carefully the colors that are best for you, avoid those that turn you off

• To harmonize a too high silhouette, try to visually break the figure. Wear a different color top from the bottom, or a belt, break the lower body with skirt and boots (the height that is good for your leg)


Pants can be a double-edged sword, so the model to wear must be chosen carefully to avoid subtracting femininity from the figure. Choose the one that enhances your B side 😉

Leggings are not an ideal choice (highlight the defects on the legs, also applies to skinny women with cellulite), better to opt for skinny pants.

Smart tip: knee lengths are perfect for curvy women. Skirts and dresses are particularly suitable for curvy women because they allow you to hide the extra pounds and enhance the breasts.

So, you can have fun with skirts and empire style dresses.

– Apple woman (or circle): 

The advice is to focus on the breasts and legs and divert attention from the stomach. 

A slimming sheath can help you define the waistline.

The dress is the piece of clothing that enhances your silhouette the most.

City Chic
Adriana Papell
Standards & Practices
Adriana Papell

Yes to clothes and shirts with a shape (especially those that enhance the breast), avoid the unique sizes and top without form.

Avoid thin straps or tank tops. They will have to cover the bra straps that could be wide.

Use long or short sleeves, a half size would degrade your figure, but, if you have nice forearms, opt for a three-quarter sleeve.

You can wear a soft top tunic over skinny pants. So far as lower part of the body is well-defined a not

too tight top is fine.

I recommend soft dark shirts that come under the belt, to camouflage the belly.

If you wear the under-button be careful that the size is right on the bust and stomach… If the buttons pull, the size is wrong.

– Pear woman (or up-side down triangle):

Are you pear-shaped? Enhance the breast and the waist.

Skirts and dresses are the garments that enhance this shape of body. Be careful to choose well the models to wear.

Eliza J
City Chic
Eliza J
City Chic

Wear soft, round, triangle and 50’s style skirts.

Avoid straight and balloon dresses. No to pencil skirts and sheath dress.

If you want to opt for trousers or jumpsuit, choose the high waisted palace or flared model.

Go-ahead to showy accessories that highlight the face and décolleté: necklaces, earrings and scarves.

– Hourglass woman:

The advantage of this form is to be proportioned, big breasts, narrow waist, wide hips and shapely legs.

Always highlight the waist with items that enhance this value. Yes to belts, no to oversize garments that make the silhouette awkward and cumbersome.

To maintain the balance between the upper and lower body, maintain soft tones and weak color contrasts.

Eliza J
City Chic
City Chic
Old Navy
– Triangle woman:

Since this silhouette has a disproportion of the upper body, one must aim at the narrow waistline and the slender legs.

Try to balance the figure by adding volume to the lower body. Avoid discovering the shoulders with boat necks.

Use patterns that catch the eye on the legs and wear garments like flared pants to give movement to the figure.

Absolutely avoid sweaters that highlight the shoulders. Rather, wear cardigans and sweaters with bat wing sleeves.

City Chic
– Rectangle woman:

She walks on catwalks, she can wear whatever she please! AAAARGH!

If you wanna read more about trendy plus size dresses you can go visit Yemi at completeoutfitsonline.com. You can also find outfit ideas for every occasion on her blog. I like especially the one about complete white outfit, so… Go check it guys! ^_^


Given that the skirt is undoubtedly the garment that enhances the most roundish bodies, I would like to dedicate a few lines to it.

Pencil skirt: is for those women that have big legs and a marked waistline. Choose the midi to camouflage big legs and knees.

If you have thin knees, the hem can rise mid-knee or just above.

Pencil skirt is OK both day and night, for all occasions. It is a very feminine garment, because it is usually a high-waist model and that emphasizes the curves, even if the waist is a little full.

Always remember that shaping underwear should be worn for optimal results ^_^

Smart tip: a gap or a zipper will help you wear it more comfortably!
Long Skirt: it hides defects such as fat pads, knees and big ankles. You can choose the tube skirt or flared skirt.

The long skirts lengthen the figure. It is true that you are already tall, but you will appear more slender… Which does not hurt! Right? You can use different colors for the above and for the bottom to break the general length of the figure.

Smart tip: If you are pear shaped, put the top inside the skirt. If, on the other hand, you’re apple-shaped, leave the top out!
Asymmetrical skirt: long back and short front helps the curvy silhouette to lighten the lower body.

You can lighten your legs, knees and ankles with big black opaque tights. Be careful not to detach with the color of the shoes. If you use shoes of the same color as the stockings, in this case black, the leg is more slender.

Smart tip: the styling works only with the top in the skirt!
Bell skirt: perfect for those with wide hips and a marked waistline.

It camouflages hips and makes the silhouette very feminine.

It is very beautiful even in the dress version.

Smart tip: if you have big knees stretch the hem just below them.
Wallet skirt: thanks to its slight asymmetry on the front, works well on a lower body that is pretty full. Helps to thin the figure. Also in the dress version.

It is very comfortable thanks to the opening and does not tighten… You can wear it at work.

Smart tip: if you have tapered legs, bring it just above the knee, if, instead, you have big knees and turned legs bring it midi.


Here you can really play and have fun with the colors.

A curvy woman can wear big and flashy costume jewelry that would be badly worn by thin women.

Even a big bag is fine, because it makes you look thinner.

The dangling earrings stretch the neck and big bangles exhale the wrist.

earrings by Guess

Belt by Guess

Necklace by Mixit

Large tote by Guess


For those with big feet there are tricks to make them look smaller. Here, too, the same applies to clothes: you have to choose the shoe model suitable for this purpose.

Avoid very thin strings because they will make your feet look bigger.

The rule is: the less the foot is discovered, the more it will look small.

For those who have big feet and full body, the chunky heel is a must… it’s also fashionable!

if you do not like heels, espadrilles are perfect for those who want to make their feet look smaller, as well as shoes with rope wedges.

The wedge and the wide band help to “shrink” the foot.

The mules or the open toe sabot are very fashionable and are also very suitable for large feet. As well as sandals with crossed bands on the instep.

Smart tip: showy shoes with precious details will take your eyes off the size of your foot.

Patricia Green

Slingback Platform Wedge Sandal
by Matisse

Leather Mid-Heel Slingba by Rag & Bone

Platform Sandal by Børn

And now let’s see how to combine shoes with clothing.

In general:

With skirts and dresses that enhance the curvy bodies, pump shoes are perfect.

The shoes with an ankle strap look good under dresses or wide skirts. Pay attention to the sausage effect if you do not have defined ankles you don’t want to draw attention to them.

Décolleté shoes are well combined with a pencil skirt.

Being tall you can afford to wear flat. However, a minimum of 3 or 4 cm of heel is always recommended supporting a woman’s body.

Choose large heels, for the same reason of the costume jewelry … Big accessories will make you look less big! On the contrary small and tiny jewelry will make you look bigger! It’s a matter of proportions.

Smart tip: during the winter combine dark tights with shoes of the same color to look more slender. In the summer, with bare legs, wear the flesh-colored shoes.

In detail:

Simple boots with strings for the apple woman.
Pear woman: to conceal the disproportion between hips and shoulders the heel helps. Décolleté are good, avoid the ankle boots that risk not to stretch your legs. The ace in the sleeve is the knee boots!
Hourglass woman, for you boots up to the knee being careful to choose a model that squeezes the calves.
Triangle woman: the weight is concentrated on the upper part of the body, so a pair of ankle boots are fine, because your legs are thin.
Cuissardes are fine for the rectangle woman, because their legs are long and slender.


As we have amply said, there’s no perfect body, but there’s the right dress that manages to enhance the silhouette highlighting the strengths and camouflaging the weak points.

You have to know to perfection your body to find out which garment looks better on your silhouette.

In the end you have eyes, girls! You know by yourself if some garment fits or not for your body.

Ultimate rule: if you like what you see in the mirror it’s done… You found your style!

Follow the rules, but also use your head… There are exceptions!

If white is your thing even if you’re chubby, then wear white!

I hope I have been helpful with this post. I still thank Marlinda for her suggestion 🙂

If you have any questions or requests please do not hesitate to write me below.

See you next time,


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  1. Wow, I think the information you shared is so useful!
    You must have put in a lot of effort into this!
    Just wondering, as I have a flat body, do you recommend any styles that suit me in particular?

    1. Hi Crystal,
      thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment, I really loved it!
      Yes, it took me forever to write this post, but having people who appreciate it is worth the effort ^_^

      If i got you right you must be a rectangle woman… Lucky you! In this case you can play with colors, patterns, fabrics and lengths of the garments, because your silhouette will never seem excessive. Flounces and peplum fit you perfectly. Tip: do not create too much contrast between the top and the bottom.

      To enhance your body try to discover some parts of it. For example, wear a very short dress, but high-necked, or a knee-length dress with an open back.

      I plan to write a post for each female shape, so stay tuned 😉


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