I was surfing on the internet the other day and found a very peculiar website: What do they do? A wonderful thing.

They promote an amazing location such as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and wedding cakes. You will, perhaps, be asking yourself: how can these two things be reconciled? Because if it happens that you wanna get married in a very scenic location, Victoria Falls could be the place right for you, plus you’re already on honeymoon! I think this a brilliant idea.

This is not my first post about cake design, though. I am literally enchanted by this profession. So, I thought of writing a post for all those people who’d love to be a cake decorator and starting their cake decorating business.

This article is dedicated to all those who want to turn this passion into a real job, probably the job they’ve ever dreamt of and never dared to actually be doing.

Tracy from

I’m gonna do that with a precious help. May I introduce you the landlady of “Cake at Vic Falls”?

Tracy, there she is. She’s a wedding decorator and in addition to designing the wedding cake of your dreams she can also help you “with tips and free travel advice to this amazing vacation spot”, Victoria Falls.

On her website she tells about how she’s always looked forward to see the wedding cake at every single wedding she attended… “Never mind the bride” ^_^

For Tracy the protagonist is the cake, which transforms the bride’s dreams into reality. That’s pure love for one’s job and everybody knows that a job done with love can become a true work of art.

She can create a bespoke unique wonder that becomes memorable to the couple, just for them, for their special day. You can ask Tracy for a three tiered cake with flavor sponges, carrot, red velvet and many more flavors, she’ll be happy to please you.

Tracy’s creations

Having the honor to create such an important piece of one of the most significant day in someone’s life “is a very special feeling only a cake-decorator would know about”, Tracy says and she wants it perfect in every way.

It looks like Tracy cares about the wedding cake more than the bride herself does and in a way it is like that, because she actually creates it with the best ingredients she can have to ensure you your unforgettable dream cake.

The best part of that? The face of the bride as she takes a look at her cake for the first time!

Not to mention when a delighted bride has a double-take of it! That’s why Tracy loves to do her job… because it makes people happy!

She’s so into cake decoration that she wrote a guide for those who want to learn this art!

I find it wonderful that she wants to share her knowledge with people willing to learn.

Furthermore, she’s always looking up new things for her to freshen up her cake decorating skills… You never stop learning!

Do you like to decorate cakes? Would you like to turn this passion into a real job?

It’s never too late to decide to change your life! There’s always time for a fresh start at any minute, any age. At least I do think so!

I can tell you, because I personally know a girl that did it: she changed her job, she moved to another Country, she definitely changed her life and now she’s happy as can be! But this is another story of which I speak in this other post.

Back to us, if you really want to dive into such an adventure you need just one thing to start: the desire to take this chance on the fly, because, remember that time flies!

OK, you took your decision and now what? Don’t panic, for Tracy can help you too in this! Just visit her page Essential guide to learn cake decorating, where you’ll find precious tips and advice.

There are 6 important steps to take to become a cake decorator and she guides you right through each of them.

From focusing on your goals in cake decorating to tips about lessons, tutorials and membership sites as well as where to buy the tools you need to actually creating your business. Step by step, Tracy takes you into the cake decorating world.


If you were inspired by Tracy’s story and want to follow in her footsteps to become a cake designer you might wanna use a few more tips. Have you ever thought about launching your business on line? It could be very profitable!

It’s not so complicated as you could think at first, neither that hard. If these thinking have always held you back, it’s time to understand technically how it actually works.

You clearly chose your niche already! Congratulations… You are a step forward.

Now you have to chose a name (that will be your domain) for your on line business. Verify that it is available (that does not belong to anyone else so you can legally use it).

Start to build your website. Don’t be scared. Anyone with no web designing skills at all can do that. There are many platforms that provide you a template already done, such as Word Press, and all you have to do is add contents (text and pictures).

You can also start your website for free on platform like this one without paying for a domain, but I recommend buying if you are really serious about this.

Now that you’ve made the world know about you and your wonderful creations by building your own website, you have to make it work. That means you have to drive traffic to it, engage people with your contents and, eventually, earn from it. That sounds a bit scaring, I know, especially if you have no experience with the world wide web at all.

So, if you’re an ace of cakes but lack of technical knowledge, no worries. You can find so much help online.

There are communities where you can find all you need not only to build your website but to make your business work.

A community in particular really cares about your success on line and helps you to reach your goals. They provide training, lessons even classes to learn all you need to be successful. Click here to sign up! Did I say it’s free? ^_^ Believe me, it’s worth it!

If you want to know how to make money with your blog step by step, I know the right person for you: Marlinda. Take a look at her web site, because she can really help!

OK, now you have all the tools to start your business. Then, I just have to wish you good job!

I hope this post helped you to take the decision you waited too long to take. I wanna hear good news from you as soon as possible and, maybe, I will write a post about your business one day! Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions. I’m looking forward to read your comments!

See you soon,



  1. Hi there Arianna,

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your fashion and design website! I hope you get to visit Victoria Falls one day and get a cake! 🙂

    Wishing you all the best.


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