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Hello to you all dearest moms, today’s topic is DIY SLIME recipe non toxic! How would it be? Is slime toxic? It depends. In fact, not all the recipes you find on the web are suitable for manipulation by children, because they may contain harmful and highly allergenic ingredients.

You all know what slime is, don’t you? It is that gelatinous smudge with which our kids love to play and that we adults tend to be a bit disgusted of. Anyway, before starting discovery of the DIY slime recipe non toxic, allow me to go back in time to a memory of my childhood.

It looks like, as adults, we dislike slime. Well, this sound so weird, because I recall to love it when I was a child. The typical slime was called skifiltor back then. I liked to play with all the stickier things on the market.

Like those sticky rubber gadgets inside the potato chips as a present, remember? Not a present at all for my parents, though. How many of them they did scrape from the ceiling, poor ones! Did it happen to you too? I bet yes ^ – ^!

Still, as an adult the slime has another effect on us! However, as a child, why wouldn’t I love skifiltor?


Well, apparently, that crazy trend, so popular when we were little girls is back in vogue! History repeats itself, LOL. Obviously Leonardo, my munchkin, is a huge fan of it. Figures… The more disgusting, the more ideal for him! It will be that the consistency of this dough is muddy, slimy, gelatinous and it seems just drool, but it does not stick… It is irresistible to our kids, indeed!

Since we’re on the subject, I’ll tell you this. We often go to “Tutti Frutti”, a chain of ice cream parlors here in the United States, where you can garnish the cup of ice cream with candies, sweets, syrups, fruit and so forth! Guess what kind of delicacy does Leo always choose? Gummy worms, Oh-My-God! I get shivery, just to name it, figures thinking about chewing it, EW!

DIY slime recipe non toxic



Anyway, let’s get back to us and to our DIY slime recipe non toxic. On the internet I found many so recipes to make the slime at home. There are all kinds and shapes and with many ingredients. Unfortunately, however, the most popular DIY slime recipes contain chemicals that are not suitable for children, such as glue, borax (a powder contained in detergents), shaving foam and contact lens fluid.

We are talking about toxic and even carcinogenic elements that should not be absolutely manipulated by children. As a matter of fact the damage these chemical agents can provoke are allergies, problems with the respiratory tract and nervous system and contact dermatitis. I do not say that, of course. The alarm was launched by the National Agency for Health Services Security of France, ANSES, through the newspaper Le Figaro. That’s the reason why I wrote this post about slime recipe non toxic DIY!

Also, pay attention to the slime you find on the market, because they often contain dangerous elements. As mothers, we want safety first of all for our children, because our task, among others, is to protect them and keep them safe, especially from harmful substances.


At the same time we want the little ones to have fun and have the opportunity to play with the most popular object of the moment, like their friends, right? The solution is here and has a double benefit: a non toxic and economic recipe, even edible that will make us look as the most amazing mothers of all: the slime recipe non toxic DIY! Ta-dah ^ – ^

And finally, let’s say it: isn’t more satisfying witnessing the creation of the mythical slime? In fact, to their eyes it’s like a magic. Therefore, magicians-moms, are you ready to exercise your magic powers? So, let’s wear our apron and go to our laboratory: the kitchen.

Since the DIY slime recipe non toxic provides cooking, I recommend not to let the kids be nearby the stove. Dear moms, this is a job for us! During this phase the children are just spectators who watch its preparation. Ready? So, let’s get started.


  • 30 grams of potato starch

  • 220 ml of water

  • 5 gr of seed oil (equivalent to 1 teaspoon)

  • food coloring

If your intent is to reproduce the authentic slime, I suggest you this lime green gel colouring, or if you need more colors to use even for desserts try the set of 12 gel food colors.


Pour the water and potato starch into a saucepan, bring it on the stove and mix with a flat whisk over low heat. Continue to stir for a few minutes until the mixture starts to solidify. Let all the water dry and let it cool a little. Then add the oil and a few drops of food coloring and mix again. Magic: your slime is ready. Wait until it cools down before letting your children play!

And here’s the fun video tutorial by Ombretta from “Art for you”, which has prepared a child-friendly and child-proof slime with this recipe. You’ll see, the result will be pretty similar to the skifiltor with which we played in the ’80s, or disgusting just like the noise that makes ^ – ^!

Attention: if the children play for a long time, make them grease their hands with a little oil now and then, because modeling the DIY slime will remove the oil put during preparation. In fact, it is precisely the oil that makes the slime not sticky. Obviously, let them play on a support plane that you can easily clean. Better to have some oil on your hands, which is also a beauty treatment, rather than harmful chemicals. Don’t you think?

Preservation: once your children have finished playing with the slime, you can keep it in an airtight container.

Let the fun begin and let me know how it goes with this slime recipe non toxic. If you want another recipe for a moldable paste, also edible read the post on the marshmallow paste (to be translated in english soon)!

See you soon,



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