Howdy folks! How are you, today? Ready for a new adventure? Recently one of my dear readers asked me to write a post about tall women with a plus size and big feet… And here I am.

Today’s post is dedicated to my dear curvy readers! Real women in real bodies! Not the ones we see on the catwalks. Absolutely not, ladies! […]

Hello beauties! Today we talk about moms and how they can look good and appear well-groomed and fashionable thanks to the right tips for cool mom outfits! Becoming a mom everything changes.

The most important thought is for your little one, everything else becomes secondary… As it is supposed to be! You’re a mom, this is cool… You can be a cool mom! […]

Finally, the phone rang… It was the HR of the Company you applied for an interview. Your occasion is here, right in front of you! Don’t panic. I know what you’re thinking: what should I say? What should I not say? But above all: what’s the right look for a job interview? […]

Howdy folks! You ever happened to scream in front of the mirror: “What am I gonna wear today?”. I know, it’s common practice, but no worries, because a good guide can get you out of trouble in no time! You just need the right women basic wardrobe essentials… Piece of cake! […]

Hello! How are you today? It really seems that Spring is finally here. It’s time for the change of season in our closet. Which are the fashion color trends for Spring-Summer 2018? Let’s find out together. So, we are in front of our closet and it seems that nothing is OK for the new season. Wrong! […]

Hi there everyone! Though it’s still fall here in NC, the 70 degrees of the past few days make me think that spring is knocking on door! Lately, I must confess it, I had some issues on how to dress up. Because in the past few weeks temperatures went from 35 degrees early in the morning to 65 and up in full daylight. So how to dress? […]