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What goodness, only naming it makes my mouth happy, don’t you? ^ – ^ This marshmallow modeling play dough is very similar to sugar paste as a consistency. It is simple to make and is ready in just a few minutes.

marshmallow modeling play dough
Marshmallow mania


There’s something else! Among the other advantages this marshmallow modeling play dough is edible, so the children of all ages can play with it.

If by chance, driven by curiosity, they decided to taste it they would not run any risk. Well, maybe you would, moms… you know that too much sugar excites our little ones, right? Which is why just use moderation… allow only a few bites ^ – ^

Also, if they’re dying to eat their delicious marshmallow modeling play dough, they can always use it to decorate a cake. Isn’t this a good idea? Preparing a cake with mom is always a pleasant activity, almost as much as tasting it in the good company of the whole family!

Why don’t you let them decorate the cake for their birthday? Think about when your munchkins, before blowing out the candles, will exclaim with pride in front of all their friends: “I did it!“.

I have collected for you some pictures of decorated cakes to inspire you. That of penguins is suitable for Leo who celebrates his birthday right on Christmas Eve ^ – ^! As you can see, the shapes are really simple to make for children:

marshmallow modeling play dough
Angry birds cake
marshmallow modeling play dough
Christmas cake


At this point fasten your apron and go to your workshop: the kitchen! You will need only a few ingredients and a little water to make this modeling marshmallow dough.


  • 5 oz. of marshmallow

  • 11,5 oz. of icing sugar

  • 2 tbsp of water

If you want your marshmallow modeling play dough to show off a bright color, add some food coloring or, for a softer color, pastel, use already colored marshmallows.


Pour the marshmallows into a glass bowl and place them in the microwave oven at high temperature for about a minute until they have melted. I recommend being careful not to cook them! Then, add the icing sugar and start mixing with an oily spoon of butter until you get your delicious marshmallow modeling play dough.

When you start working the marshmallow modeling play dough with your hands, grease them with a little butter… Hot sugar is very sticky ;)! The dough will be ready when it will no longer be stringy and will have the consistency of a dough. At that point add the food coloring and knead again until the mixture is homogeneous.

Warning: the marshmallows just come out of the microwave are nice warm, if there is a greedy desire to taste them do not put your finger inside, use a teaspoon and blow them over before savoring them! Bon appetite ^ – ^.

Preservation: you can keep the marshmallow modeling play dough wrapped in transparent film and store it in a cool and dry place for about a month… If you can not eat it all before ^ – ^!

Whatever will be the object created by your children you can dry it in the air, this way it will last for months. Here’s another very nice idea: the children can make placeholders or decorations for the Christmas tree or for Easter. They can give them to grandparents, uncles and little cousins as a present!


If you are very creative moms and love cake design, I recommend you this kit of tools to decorate your delights together with your kids.

Do you love cake design? Then take a look at my cake design and how to start a cake decorating business posts.

The things that can be made with this marshmallow modeling play dough are really a lot, plus the dough gives off a very delicate smell of sugar, it will be a real pleasure for the tact and the sense of smell of our children! Something tells me that the munchkins will go crazy ^ – ^.

I wish you lots of fun and let me know how it goes. And do not forget to show me the pictures of the wonderful creations that your little artists made. See you in the comments below 😉

see you next time,


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