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Though it’s still fall here in NC, the 70 degrees of the past few days make me think that spring is knocking on door! Lately, I must confess it, I had some issues on how to dress up. Because in the past few weeks temperatures went from 35 degrees early in the morning to 65 and up in full daylight. So how to dress? Maybe it could be a little early for shorts, but surely it’s a great time for boots (personally, I think it’s always a good time for them) especially leather ankle boots… the timeless charm of leather, my dear ladies.

Back to Italy temperature range wasn’t that accentuated. You know exactly what to wear, and it’s OK all day long. Here in NC, even if we are on the same parallel of Rome, my city of birth, still temperatures go a little crazy… Any Italian knows how to properly dress in layer (we say “dressing like an onion”, but without smell!), that way you remove one when needed… just one layer at a time and it’s done! But here we are again: how to dress, then? Take a look at this outfit:

Early Spring look

I matched denim shorts with a long cardigan… this one works as Linus’s blanket, it protects you. Need cover? You fasten the cardigan. Don’t need it? Just leave it open and uncover your legs! Problem solved.

If you are a bit ‘chilly, like me, you can wear tights: flesh-colored pantyhose or very colorful tights according to your taste. Plus if you suffer from cellulite (those who do not raise their hands and kindly leave the class… kidding, but I really envy you :D), you can uncover your legs and hide the defect. Trick!

As you can see leather is the common thread of this early spring outfit: belt, boots and bag (hobo). Probably you may like the same color, but a different shade for the boots and the accessories… and here you are served:

Brown leather ankle boots, belt and bag

This is a day outfit to meet a friend by the coffee bar or walk the dog to the park, that’s why I chose ankle boots without heels, to be comfortable! I matched them with this bag, as big as that of Mary Poppins, because, when girls go out, all they may need have always to fit in their bags!

I hope you liked it. Check all the details of this early Spring outfit.

If you need any help or tried an outfit like this, please share a comment to let us know what you think about it! I’m looking forward to read your personal experience and don’t forget that suggestions on this subject are very welcome.

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