Apple’s always been synonym for innovation, technology and design. That’s a fact! Thanks to its creator that has always looked to the future and has, in fact, brought the future into our hands through objects not only technologically advanced, but also very elegant and beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.

Fashion and design applied to technology. How much do you like that? Many people all over the world fell in love with the iPhone and many more still fall in love with it, who can blame them? Everybody also knows that whatever comes out from Apple house is expensive. So as zealous customers we have a duty to protect our purchases, especially the most costly ones. If it happens to do that with equally beautiful and fashionable objects even better. Ladies and Gentlemen today’s topic is Amazon iPhone X covers cases!

Nowadays we bring our phone wherever we go, it has become an extension of our body, we’re lost without it. Our whole existence is enclosed in it. That’s so crazy! I still recall living without cell phones… I know, I know… We’re talking about the last century :D, but, believe me, life was possible back then, I can’t tell whether for better or worse, it was just different! We must admit that technology has greatly improved the quality of our lives, but we have to use it in the right way to avoid becoming slaves to it. Brackets closed.

Design comes everywhere to perform its function of beautifying objects and things, especially accessories, which sometimes become fundamental elements for our look and even for that of our phones. However, according to our tastes or needs we might require different cases for different occasions.

The cases primarily are useful to preserve our precious iPhone from falls, scratches, water, dust and shock. Said that, they are also accessories that make the phones more appealing and give them a character in which the one of its owner is reflected.

Have you ever thought about how much you can tell about somebody by taking a glance to their phone case? Me neither, but we can play a game imagining those who are suited to certain cases ^_^… Do you wanna play along? Let’s do this!


Let’s start with leather cases for old-fashioned style lovers and professionals who need seriousness in accessories. Leather is good for every occasion. It’s timeless, classy, soft and comfortable to the touch. It gives your phone a decidedly classic and refined appearance, but can also be fun if you chose a bright vibrant color.

I imagine that these kinds of cases are for modern people who wink at a traditional, simple and elegant style. Professionals who work with their phone and who give of themselves an idea of seriousness that is reflected in the details that characterize them. Or people that simply love how leather feels to the touch!

Product details:

• Luxury leather coated

• Ultra slim profile

• Easy access ports

• Comfortable grip

• Soft & flexible body


Sometimes we need to go out without too many frills on us. If we go jogging or simply to buy just milk, yet still we need to carry our ID or credit cards with us. On such occasions we may want to use a wallet case so we can have both a phone and a wallet, combined… Very useful!

This is also for the clutch bags lovers. The phone is perfectly embraced by the case that you can not even see it. It’s actually like a little purse. I can see these cases both on pragmatist women and men!

Product details:

• It Holds an iPhone X, from 3 to 4 CC and IDs and up to 4 checks

• Protection on all the four corners

• Durable, eco-friendly, lightweight and rugged

• Faux leather made

• 100% guaranteed product


Real wood to protect your iPhone is so refined and unique in its design. Plus, it makes us feel immersed in nature. Wanna impress everyone with simplicity and elegance? This is the case for you.

I literally fell in love with such a fine design, classic and modern at the same time. Who do I see with these cases? Self confident people.

Product details:

• Real wood

• Durable and Comfortable non-slip cover and fingerprints free

• Healthy – Chemical Smells free


It’s not real marble, of course, but the marble design still gives an icy, detached elegance typical of the stone. The case seems to state: “Hey I’m here, take a look at me! I’m strong as a rock, nothing can scratch me, so be careful not to mess with me!” LOL… Just kidding! But, hey, maybe not!

I see these cases in the hand of somebody who knows exactly what he wants and go for it! Or some spy that can easily camouflage his phone on the kitchen counter when needed, like a teenager ^_^

Product details:

• Support wireless charging

• TPU: Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane

• Screen safeguard:

• Light and thin

• IMD: In-Mold Decoration


So in love with iPhone shape that you’d prefer not to hide any part of it? The clear cases are what you’re looking for. Slim and non-bulky they leave almost unchanged your device’s design.

Or if you want to add a note of color you can choose from various shades. High definition transparency, enhanced protection for the screen and lens, barely noticeable… Feels like a bare iPhone! For the purists of the iPhone.

Product details:

• Light, slim and non-bulky

• Crystal clear

• Soft TPU: Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane

• Screen and camera protection


Diamonds are a girl’s best friends! Although what we have here is artificial rhinestone diamond, but who cares? Just let it shine!

For all the girls whose life’s filled with glitter to shine always and anyway, befits teen, girls and women. It is very Kim Kardashian style! What else?

Product details:

• Remember to remove the case when use wireless charger because the ring support is made of metal

• The edge of the case is inlaid artificial rhinestone diamond

• The 360 degree rotating ring allows a very comfortable use

• Sparks on the back are inserted inside the case to prevent them from losing their brilliance

• Anti-scratch protection and shockproof air-cushion corners to protect your iPhone

THE ZIZO (Bolt series)

There is a certain I do not know that reminds me of MacGyver in these cases … I love them! The bolt series is for those who take the protection of their phone very seriously or simply adore this super-protective style with a vaguely military flavor.

Not only for “the man who must never ask”, but also for very tough girls with whom you can not joke!

Product details:

• Hight protection for your phone

• Up to 10 different colors available

• Built-in kickstand

• Tempered glass screen protector included

• Compatible with the Zizo Wireless Qi Charger


I hope this post has helped you to untangle yourself among the myriad of proposals you can find online. Have you tried one or more of these cases?

Let us know what you think. What types are you? What kind of case have you chosen for your mobile phone? I’m really curious to read your comments and then get into guys!