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Heythere, welcome to my blog!

Me and lil’ Leo’s hand

I’m Arianna! Mom of Leonardo. I have a husband too 😀 even if I feel like a mom in the first place and then a wife too. Do not misjudge me for this! 😛

Since my little scamp was born, my life changed radically.

The very first moment they laid him on my chest, I took a look at him and probably I made a strange face, so that Cristian, my husband, asked me: “What’s wrong? Don’t you like him?”.

Actually, because I was stressed, exhausted or strained, I did not like the result so much. The newborn’s face was squashed, he seemed to have come out in 2D, his eyes were swollen, he had all those white dots on his purple face and a mountain of brush-black hair ^ _ ^

My first thinking was: “OMG! My husband will think he’s not his!”, given he didn’t look like him, much less to me. But, he came out of my belly, so one thing was for sure… He was mine! He was my husband’s too, of course. You can notice that during the years he turned into his Mini Me 😀

Leonardo and Cristian

After these delirious thoughts, due to 12 hours and perhaps more of labor, I came to my senses and I looked into the eyes that little baby chick, all wet!

He looked back at me and in that moment I recognized him as mine! I still get emotional thinking about it, even now while I’m writing about this episode.

After a couple of days of feeding, mutual “sniffing” between mom and baby, I remember saying to Cristian: “How have we done so far without him?”.

It was just two days that Leonardo had entered my life, but I felt I like was born again as well. It was like this: I was born as a mother!

Being a mother is a great adventure. At the beginning it is made of sleepless nights, worries elevated to the nth degree for a cough, total panic, stress beyond measure and a thousand feelings of guilt. Then, however, they told me… It does not improve at all! I’m kidding ^ _ ^

“What now?”
“I’m a mom!”
“How am I supposed to do that?”
“I’ll do it, just as all the other moms of the world did”
“Where is the instruction manual?”
“Why these munchkin come without a user manual?”

Truth is nobody can teach you to be a mom.

In fact, we all are different moms, each one of us has her unique way to be a mom.

And for those who are still wondering about the instruction manual… They are the instruction manual! Our children.

They tell us how to be their mother. We need to know how to listen, understand and help them to become independent adults, ready to face the world! Because children are not ours, they are our gift to this world. At least I think so! 🙂


Being a mother in Italy is not easy. Unfortunately, our country does not excel in family policies such as the most advanced Scandinavian countries. I will not go into unnecessary controversy, Italian mothers know what I mean.

It’s not easy, as I already said. Before being a mother you are a woman and this is not helpful either. Not just in Italy, but even in the rest of the world it feels the same way.

I speak of lower salaries, same level compared to a man, but also of discrimination due to sex and age. And here we come to my personal story.

I worked as a graphic designer for a company, listed on the stock exchange, with about 400 employees in three cities of Italy.

After Leonardo’s birth, the company put me in layoffs.

Not just me, of course, but they told me the day I called the staff office to set my return to the company:

“No return, you are officially in layoffs”.

Long story short, the company ended up in a fraudulent bankrupt a couple of years later.

That said, for a woman, moreover a mum, it is not easy to find a spot again into the world of work (at least in Italy). In fact, I was cut off from the market, as were most of my former she-colleagues.

Many of them pulled out their nails and got back into the game by starting their own business.

As far as concerns me I have a background of literary studies, I’m a copywriter and a publicist.

A former female colleague of mine, after the closure of the company, moved to England and became a cake designer. I talk about her in this post.

“What a courage!”, I thought. Then, I discovered that many of them moved abroad with their families and reinvented themselves, some in one way, some in another.

“WOW, I thought again, what a radical change!”

And then it happened that, when Leonardo was 3 years old, a very tempting job offer came for my husband. In the United States.

A new door opened up for us and we did not miss that great opportunity.

And here we are living our American experience.


My former female colleagues have been a great inspiration for me. So, I started thinking … “What can I do to reinvent myself?”.

America is the land of opportunities, I have to take advantage of it!

Alone, without relatives or friends and with a small child it was a great fortune that I could stay home and grow my son without worrying about bringing home the salary.

I don’t know how to be idle… I had to find something to do!

I started to craft jewelry that I sell in a very cozy café in downtown.

Surprisingly, I started selling a lot and earning some money.

This thing filled me with pride and gave me confidence, despite being a small thing… I can craft jewelry and make money. How beautiful!

It was not enough yet. My literary part was pressing to come out. I have a lot of writings in the drawer, which probably nobody will ever read.

This satisfies the desire to write, but if nobody reads your stuff, the desire is only half satisfied 😛

How could I write and have readers?

… With a blog! I would have opened a blog ^ _ ^

But what would I have written?

I started throwing down some ideas, taking information on the internet about what to write in a blog.

“Write about what you are passionate about” thundered every web page on the subject. I like design, fashion and I’m an Italian mom who lives in America!

That’s how Hiamari was born!


First thing: find a name for my blog!

I didn’t know exactly what I’d write about and I did not want to link the site’s name to a specific topic.

Because this would not allow me to adjust the shot if I needed it.

After days and days of brainstorming with myself, the name finally came out.

How did I get there? Well, if I could not be specific about a topic, I had to be generic.

I did not want to use my name as a big brand, it seemed too egocentric to me.

When you meet someone for the first time, you usually introduce yourself.

So, I did the same with my blog. I introduced myself: “Hi, I’m Arianna!”, which in English becomes “Hi, I’m Ari” and on the web turns into “Hiamari”.

I had my head full of topics to deal with. From our American experience to what I liked like design and fashion.

I still have my head full of ideas, of course. I just have to collect them to be able to present them to the fullest! ^ _ ^

As I was creating content for my blog, I noticed that I was writing a lot more about fashion than design. Going forward, I started writing about fashion for moms, just like me.

So, I thought, I could write for mothers, new mothers and mothers-to-be!

This thing has exalted me a lot, especially because I was excited about the idea of creating a relationship with other mothers! ^ _ ^

Writing in a language that is not mine slows down my work, but it is also an opportunity to improve my English and to reach more mothers possible all over the whole world!

In order not to cut out my Italian mothers, contents will be, obviously, available in Italian too! Hooray!

How wonderful this Internet, which unites us from one end of the planet to the other and makes us communicate and exchange advice and experiences, makes us all feel closer.

Language can be different, country and culture can be as well, but mothers, despite all these differences, are united throughout the world by common needs and problems. Above all from the love for their children!


So, here I am talking about the American life of an Italian expat family! About fashion for moms, new mothers and mothers-to-be, about everything related to my personal experience as a mom and blogger and that can be useful to you too… What a thrill!

One thing at a time! The blog is online only since 23 February 2018.

It’s still a baby-blog ^ _ ^ I want it to grow and prosper with your support.

So if you have any ideas or topics to suggest, do not hesitate to contact me at this e-mail address: [email protected]

I also invite you to leave comments on my posts, so I can get to know you better and offer you exactly what you are looking for!

I am very excited about the idea of embarking on this adventure with you mothers from all over the world!

Thank you from the beginning for your support as readers! I really hope to be useful with my posts ^ _ ^



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  1. I read the whole page very interesting I like it also I learn about Italy and the workforce … I think you doing a great job… keep posting I’ll keep reading and sharing .. ????

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