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Now it’s full Summer and Hickory is really too hot to stay outside these days.

Plus my husband needed to buy some clothes for work and something nice for his 40th birthday celebration. So we decided to go to visit Blowing Rock, a nice town on the mountains.

Blowing Rock Town Hall

There is a mall called Tanger Outlets. We’ve been there two years ago with a colleague of Cristian and his wife. It was summer that time too. We tasted Kilwin’s ice-cream for the first time. Yummy!

Fight for ice creams ^_^! I won… Ate half chocolate and what Leo left of strawberry’s cone LOL!

We had two cones from Kilwin’s too, yesterday. That shop is really something. It is so full of goodies that you feel two pounds more on just sniffing the sweet smell… I bet they have some kind of system to spread out the sugar powder to attract clients, they must have!

Blowing Rock is a nice place to cool down when it’s that hot outside, and the view of the mountains is simply stunning. It’s less than an hour from Hickory.

When we arrived the parking lot was completely full, but at the end we found spot under a tree… 🙂

In Winter time people come to Blowing Rock to ski. The landscape is very peculiar with all those sloping roofs… It reminded us of Italian Dolomites. The streets are very well-kept and the center is full of characteristic shops.

Blowing Rock is also known for its amazing family theme park adventure: Tweetsie Railroad! There are many more attractions in this charming town; you can find ’em here. Next time we’ll visit the park, so I can tell you more about it, I look forward ^_^!

Via Tweetsie.com

There was a band playing in Memorial Park. It was charming strolling along downtown with a music background. They were playing the big classics such as “Somewhere over the rainbow”, “Moon River” and “Can’t take my eyes off you”.

While Cristian was pushing Leo on the swing in the playground of the Park, I took a walk. It was all in bloom, the air was fresh, people were set in the park enjoying the music, some were dancing… It seemed to be in a movie!

Since we were still close to the festivity of 4th of July, there were American flags everywhere! There’s been a parade on Wednesday and there were still confetti and spangles along the sidewalks telling about it.

It has been a very pleasant day! We have to keep Blowing Rock in mind more often 🙂

I leave you with this gallery of images taken on Sunday. If you have also been to Blowing Rock tell us about your trip in the comments below. See you soon

Photo Gallery:

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