Hello beauties! Today we talk about moms and how they can look good and appear well-groomed and fashionable thanks to the right tips for cool mom outfits! Becoming a mom changes everything.

The most important thought is for your little one, everything else becomes secondary… As it is supposed to be! You’re a mom, this is cool… You can be a cool mom!

Who says that you have to forget to be a woman as well as a mother? It’s not easy at all because you’re tired, every time you see a sofa, it seems like a godsend and you want to sink into it, maybe in a comfortable pajamas ^_^

Our heel 12 becomes a pale memory, you cannot wear it every day anymore, because it’s uncomfortable and your feet hurt to chase your little devil, especially when you’re out for a walk or at the park!

Something’s different, get used to that! But, you know what? Being a mom is such a wonderful adventure and it does not mean that you have to give up your femininity.

You just have to adjust the shot a little! Comfortable clothing is not necessarily synonymous with unkempt.

Surely you have less time to devote to yourself, but why don’t use that little you have to settle just enough to pull you up even morally! It’s nice to be a mother and a woman. Plus when you dress well and put on some make-up you feel better and if you feel good that’s good for your child too ^_^

First of all arrange your wardrobe by combining clothes directly on the crutch, so you will have your outfits always ready and already combined… How smart is this? 😉

We are in Spring, almost Summer, so you can dare a little with color, which in addition to making you feel better, will also make you look fashionable. I already posted something about the colors in vogue this year, take a look here to find out the most trendy ones!


Accessories are another great support to turn an ordinary outfit into an original one. Tip on belts to emphasize the waist, gorgeous earrings (perhaps it is better to avoid earrings if your child is between 0 and 3 years old), bracelets and statement necklaces.

Do not forget sunglasses, which often help to cover the signs of the weariness of sleepless nights on your face.

When magically the necessary has to pop out of the bag just like that of Mary Poppins, you’ll need a bag, a big one.

Although it will be difficult to wear a clutch or a purse, the shoulder strap will be your best ally for a long time and you can find beautiful, comfortable and stylish bags.

Even the bag can be that fashionable detail that makes a sober outfit special.

The scarf is another trump card. Its magical use goes from collecting the hair to covering the juice poured by your little guy on your shirt or covering him to protect him from the wind.

Plus it takes up very little space. I personally use the scarf as a blanket when we walk and there is a bit of breeze or when there is too much sun.


Now we come to clothing. Shoes: sneakers, period! Do not be horrified. If you’re not used to sneakers, it can be a blow, but you can wear them with ease and elegance.

Lucky for us famous moms wear sneakers too, so they are fashionable… Also available with sequins to be more glamorous!

Sporty Look

If sneakers are not for you, you can also choose the classic ballet shoes or platform shoes… Even a flat shoe with ankle strap can be very sexy!

If you have not yet managed to lose the pounds gained during your pregnancy, choose maxi dress.

Maxi dress

A bit of curves are good on a woman, but there is something sexy in the curves of a new mother, so don’t be bothered, you will have plenty of time to regain your shape by running behind the baby, believe me!

Your clothes look too simple? You can embellish them with a belt or with a statement necklace.

Chic look

With a child around is practically impossible wearing something white. Your white outfit seems to scream to him “I’m a white canvas… paint me using whatever crosses your path!”

That said feel free to wear patterns and prints to hide spots that are always around the corner.

Comfy look

Given I love turquoise and aquamarine colors, I created another outfit with vibrant colors.

I chose comfortable shoes with low heels so it is easier to run after your children. I proposed two colors, purple and orange, because they both go well with pants!

Casual summer look

Now, I want to show you one of my personal spring/summer look 2018. Try to guess which color I wore? ^_^

I’m sure you’ve guessed! Drumroll…

My summer 2018 outfit

Both aquamarine and turquoise! I love it, do you? Let me know which are your favorite colors and why not? Post in the comments below a picture of your spring/summer 2018 outfit! 😀


About makeup, lipstick is definitely the easiest makeup to put on and easier to remove, so let’s keep one in the bag.

A little blush on the cheeks will give you a colorful and healthier look despite the tiredness and fatigue painted on your face.

I would not neglect the eyes, at least a passage of mascara it takes!

Hair: if it’s long pick it up in a practical chignon, even messy is very fashionable!

If you have little time cut them short, so it will always be in order, but at least once a month it must be cut to keep it in order! Once a month to the salon… It sounds like the pampering time you really need!


I hope you found some ideas you can use! Feel free to ask me questions and leave a comment on your personal choice of mom-look… If it works for you it’s worth to share it! Thanks and see you soon :*


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Finally, the phone rang… It was the HR of the Company you applied for an interview. Your occasion is here, right in front of you! Don’t panic. I know what you’re thinking: what should I say? What should I not say? But above all: what’s the right look for a job interview?

See, my friends, this is not a dumb question at all. On the contrary: it’s very important, because it’s from your dress that the interviewer will make its first ideas about you.

Chill girls you do not risk to look like vanity if you care for your look on this important occasion. If you show off the right outfit, you will have many more chances of success. I tell you right away why.

We grew up with this phrase that stood out in our mind: “The dress doesn’t count, they have to see the person I am!”. Right? Wrong? Both!

Surely the most important thing during the interview is you and only you: your talent, your skills, what you can offer to the Company with your job, your value added, but don’t forget that before they know you… They watch you!

Your appearance is your business card, that’s it! You like it or not. If you look good, they wanna get to know you.

You’d never enter through an ugly door, but if you see a beautiful door you’ll wander: what the inside’d looks like? Keep in mind that most recruiters make their first impression from your look, so build your strategy and go for it!


It’s from the care and cleaning of your appearance that they’ll understand you are a precise, reliable person and if you pay attention to details. So, before going for the dress, first things first: personal care!

You have to be as clean as possible. Is important to shower right before going to your appointment. Being fresh and clean will make you feel more comfortable as well as giving a good impression.

Wash your hand right before you enter the room for the interview. The first thing you’ll have to do is to shake the interviewer’s hand, so your hands must be clean and not sweaty.

Nails must be perfectly neat and clean, maybe book a manicure the day before the interview. Remember not to use too bright or aggressive colors glaze. The tones from transparent to pink/light beige will be perfect. I suggest to choose for vegan nail polish such as Zoya, one of the best brand on the market!

Zoya nail polish 100% vegan

Wash your hair because it must be in order, not wet or with too many products. If you can go and do a styling at the salon.

The hairstyle should not be too conspicuous, hair loose or collected will be fine.

Having a good smell is essential, but be careful not to overdo it. You can use some perfume or scented creams provided that the smell is not too intense or intrusive and persistent.

Having a fresh breath is just as important so brush your teeth thoroughly and don’t forget that it is forbidden to chew a mint or chewing gum during the interview… That’s not polite and horrible when you talk!

Turn off your phone and do not show up with bottles of water, thermos etc… You would seem too comfortable and that’s not the impression you want to give.

Now, that said let’s go on with the clothes.


Quite the opposite my dears! In this case the dress totally makes the woman. It is in the first seconds, in fact, that the recruiter frames the candidate and makes a first impression, from which it will be very difficult to move away if it is the wrong one.

For this reason it is important to play your cards at best from the beginning: from appearance. We will have time during the interview to also assert our capabilities.

The winning weapon is to wear clothes that we feel comfortable in and respect the dress code of the company for which we are candidates. In addition, did you know that clothes have the power to influence the perception of oneself? It’s called enclothed cognition.

What we wear is able to influence the way in which we perceive ourselves and, consequently, how we stand before others.

At a job interview your first goal is to give a good impression of yourself at first glance and you can nail that by wearing appropriate clothes and showing a well-groomed appearance.

Small details say a lot about you, that’s why it’s so important to take care of them at their best. That’s why paying attention to them has become an essential factor in the world of work.

These details are clues to the order, accuracy and reliability that recruiters seek on the lantern.

To come back to enclothed cognition the dress itself has its own symbolic value. Given that clothes and accessories can be considered an extension of one’s personality, they’re able to reflect the idea that everyone has of himself and influence self-esteem, mood and, consequently, behavior.

Depending on the type of ambient and where the work will take place you will have to choose a suitable look, then more classic and elegant for office positions and, perhaps, slightly more extravagant if it is a creative work, but always sparingly.

First of all, color is an extremely important component for the choice of clothes and accessories. Not exceed wearing bright colors or too extravagant accessories is always good advice.

Orange is considered the worst color to wear for a job interview, followed by red and pink. So save these colors for outings with friends or shopping or parties or whatever but job interview.

I hope there is no need to say that the crumpled and stained clothes are unacceptable at a job interview as well as excessively casual clothing and too much skin on display. Definitely no deep necklines or provocative slits and miniskirts… We are not there to seduce anyone ^_^!

Sticking to these simple basic rules let’s see what outfits we can wear on the day of the interview.


The world of work is certainly not an easy one, especially for women. It’s not fair, but it’s a fact and we have to face it at our best, showing how good we are in our job. When you believe in yourself it’s easier to make others believe in you too! Have you ever noticed it? So don’t forget your confidence on your way to your job interview… That’d be always a valid rule!

The job interview is about choosing the discretion not to divert attention from more important things, like your talent. Because we are worth ^_^!

OK, after this injection of trust let’s go on with clothing.

You are free to choose between trousers, skirts or dresses just follow the rules we already talked about. If you choose trousers, then, I suggest opting for a tailored pair, because it draws well the figure making it elegant, also they are so much better than wide trousers or too skinny jeans.

There is really something for everyone. Take a look at the extravagant trousers I found for you: the cut is not classic, it is a bit extravagant, but of great effect and elegance, for those of you that want to be different, but always appropriate 😉

If you are not that brave just opt for what makes you feel comfortable. Remember that to choose the right trousers, think that it must be the equivalent of a perfect suit. Classic cut, timeless, elegant. Or go on the safe wearing a coordinated trouser suit directly!

Complete your outfit with a button up and a jacket that fits you perfectly, so you will feel comfortable and you will not be distracted by things like the dress that pulls you. That’s because you have to be focused on the interview and not be distracted by anything else, by the way, turn off your cell phone so that will not distract your attention from the recruiter, plus it’s a polite move!

You are not really a trousers person? In that case you can also opt for a dress (with a pact that fits you well, is not too tight and in which you feel comfortable) matched with a tailored jacket.

Wanna wear the skirt? Tip on the lengths like a pencil skirt or a longuette or a coordinated skirt suit. That’s because a short skirt is not the right way to make them understand how much you’re worth, how much you have to say and to demonstrate without resorting to these tricks… You’ll have the chance to show more skin in a disco or in a club 😉

As for shoes, a mid-heeled pumps are always good. Avoid killer heels and sandals: it is good to cover your toes on this occasion!

About colors: black is always a safe choice, but not mandatory: there are a lot of colors that are good for a job interview. You could opt for navy blue, gray, beige or powder color and their shades. There’s plenty of time to wear all the brilliant colors you may like, but not at a job interview… Check my post about the most fashionable colors of 2018!


Now you really know everything about presenting yourself for a job interview. Let’s briefly recap the ten rules to be followed to be impeccable at a job interview:

  1. Make sure the clothes are clean and ironed
  2. Avoid visibly too tight clothes that do not fit your body
  3. Avoid the colors too bright
  4. Avoid accessories and jewels too showy, or perfumes and aftershave too persistent
  5. Wear clean and non-worn shoes. Not to wear excessively high heels and sandals
  6. Be sure to wear a belt that is consistent with the outfit and possibly matched with the color of the shoes
  7. Introduce yourself with hair in order
  8. Make sure you have your hands treated keeping in mind that they are the part of the body most exposed during the interview
  9. Consider that informal talks do not exist. In doubt it is better to “exceed with formality”
  10. Give the best of you being yourself

… Fingers crossed and good luck! I hope this post has been useful to you. If you have questions or want to add something, feel free to leave a comment below. See you next time!


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Here’s my personal clothes selection to be perfect on a job interview: