I was surfing on the internet the other day and found a very peculiar website: What do they do? A wonderful thing.

They promote an amazing location such as Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and wedding cakes. You will, perhaps, be asking yourself: how can these two things be reconciled? Because if it happens that you wanna get married in a very scenic location, Victoria Falls could be the place right for you, plus you’re already on honeymoon! I think this a brilliant idea.

This is not my first post about cake design, though. I am literally enchanted by this profession. So, I thought of writing a post for all those people who’d love to be a cake decorator and starting their cake decorating business.

This article is dedicated to all those who want to turn this passion into a real job, probably the job they’ve ever dreamt of and never dared to actually be doing.

Tracy from

I’m gonna do that with a precious help. May I introduce you the landlady of “Cake at Vic Falls”?

Tracy, there she is. She’s a wedding decorator and in addition to designing the wedding cake of your dreams she can also help you “with tips and free travel advice to this amazing vacation spot”, Victoria Falls.

On her website she tells about how she’s always looked forward to see the wedding cake at every single wedding she attended… “Never mind the bride” ^_^

For Tracy the protagonist is the cake, which transforms the bride’s dreams into reality. That’s pure love for one’s job and everybody knows that a job done with love can become a true work of art.

She can create a bespoke unique wonder that becomes memorable to the couple, just for them, for their special day. You can ask Tracy for a three tiered cake with flavor sponges, carrot, red velvet and many more flavors, she’ll be happy to please you.

Tracy’s creations

Having the honor to create such an important piece of one of the most significant day in someone’s life “is a very special feeling only a cake-decorator would know about”, Tracy says and she wants it perfect in every way.

It looks like Tracy cares about the wedding cake more than the bride herself does and in a way it is like that, because she actually creates it with the best ingredients she can have to ensure you your unforgettable dream cake.

The best part of that? The face of the bride as she takes a look at her cake for the first time!

Not to mention when a delighted bride has a double-take of it! That’s why Tracy loves to do her job… because it makes people happy!

She’s so into cake decoration that she wrote a guide for those who want to learn this art!

I find it wonderful that she wants to share her knowledge with people willing to learn.

Furthermore, she’s always looking up new things for her to freshen up her cake decorating skills… You never stop learning!

Do you like to decorate cakes? Would you like to turn this passion into a real job?

It’s never too late to decide to change your life! There’s always time for a fresh start at any minute, any age. At least I do think so!

I can tell you, because I personally know a girl that did it: she changed her job, she moved to another Country, she definitely changed her life and now she’s happy as can be! But this is another story of which I speak in this other post.

Back to us, if you really want to dive into such an adventure you need just one thing to start: the desire to take this chance on the fly, because, remember that time flies!

OK, you took your decision and now what? Don’t panic, for Tracy can help you too in this! Just visit her page Essential guide to learn cake decorating, where you’ll find precious tips and advice.

There are 6 important steps to take to become a cake decorator and she guides you right through each of them.

From focusing on your goals in cake decorating to tips about lessons, tutorials and membership sites as well as where to buy the tools you need to actually creating your business. Step by step, Tracy takes you into the cake decorating world.


If you were inspired by Tracy’s story and want to follow in her footsteps to become a cake designer you might wanna use a few more tips. Have you ever thought about launching your business on line? It could be very profitable!

It’s not so complicated as you could think at first, neither that hard. If these thinking have always held you back, it’s time to understand technically how it actually works.

You clearly chose your niche already! Congratulations… You are a step forward.

Now you have to chose a name (that will be your domain) for your on line business. Verify that it is available (that does not belong to anyone else so you can legally use it).

Start to build your website. Don’t be scared. Anyone with no web designing skills at all can do that. There are many platforms that provide you a template already done, such as Word Press, and all you have to do is add contents (text and pictures).

You can also start your website for free on platform like this one without paying for a domain, but I recommend buying if you are really serious about this.

Now that you’ve made the world know about you and your wonderful creations by building your own website, you have to make it work. That means you have to drive traffic to it, engage people with your contents and, eventually, earn from it. That sounds a bit scaring, I know, especially if you have no experience with the world wide web at all.

So, if you’re an ace of cakes but lack of technical knowledge, no worries. You can find so much help online.

There are communities where you can find all you need not only to build your website but to make your business work.

A community in particular really cares about your success on line and helps you to reach your goals. They provide training, lessons even classes to learn all you need to be successful. Click here to sign up! Did I say it’s free? ^_^ Believe me, it’s worth it!

If you want to know how to make money with your blog step by step, I know the right person for you: Marlinda. Take a look at her web site, because she can really help!

OK, now you have all the tools to start your business. Then, I just have to wish you good job!

I hope this post helped you to take the decision you waited too long to take. I wanna hear good news from you as soon as possible and, maybe, I will write a post about your business one day! Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions. I’m looking forward to read your comments!

See you soon,



Apple’s always been synonym for innovation, technology and design. That’s a fact! Thanks to its creator that has always looked to the future and has, in fact, brought the future into our hands through objects not only technologically advanced, but also very elegant and beautiful from an aesthetic point of view.

Fashion and design applied to technology. How much do you like that? Many people all over the world fell in love with the iPhone and many more still fall in love with it, who can blame them? Everybody also knows that whatever comes out from Apple house is expensive. So as zealous customers we have a duty to protect our purchases, especially the most costly ones. If it happens to do that with equally beautiful and fashionable objects even better. Ladies and Gentlemen today’s topic is Amazon iPhone X covers cases!

Nowadays we bring our phone wherever we go, it has become an extension of our body, we’re lost without it. Our whole existence is enclosed in it. That’s so crazy! I still recall living without cell phones… I know, I know… We’re talking about the last century :D, but, believe me, life was possible back then, I can’t tell whether for better or worse, it was just different! We must admit that technology has greatly improved the quality of our lives, but we have to use it in the right way to avoid becoming slaves to it. Brackets closed.

Design comes everywhere to perform its function of beautifying objects and things, especially accessories, which sometimes become fundamental elements for our look and even for that of our phones. However, according to our tastes or needs we might require different cases for different occasions.

The cases primarily are useful to preserve our precious iPhone from falls, scratches, water, dust and shock. Said that, they are also accessories that make the phones more appealing and give them a character in which the one of its owner is reflected.

Have you ever thought about how much you can tell about somebody by taking a glance to their phone case? Me neither, but we can play a game imagining those who are suited to certain cases ^_^… Do you wanna play along? Let’s do this!


Let’s start with leather cases for old-fashioned style lovers and professionals who need seriousness in accessories. Leather is good for every occasion. It’s timeless, classy, soft and comfortable to the touch. It gives your phone a decidedly classic and refined appearance, but can also be fun if you chose a bright vibrant color.

I imagine that these kinds of cases are for modern people who wink at a traditional, simple and elegant style. Professionals who work with their phone and who give of themselves an idea of seriousness that is reflected in the details that characterize them. Or people that simply love how leather feels to the touch!

Product details:

• Luxury leather coated

• Ultra slim profile

• Easy access ports

• Comfortable grip

• Soft & flexible body


Sometimes we need to go out without too many frills on us. If we go jogging or simply to buy just milk, yet still we need to carry our ID or credit cards with us. On such occasions we may want to use a wallet case so we can have both a phone and a wallet, combined… Very useful!

This is also for the clutch bags lovers. The phone is perfectly embraced by the case that you can not even see it. It’s actually like a little purse. I can see these cases both on pragmatist women and men!

Product details:

• It Holds an iPhone X, from 3 to 4 CC and IDs and up to 4 checks

• Protection on all the four corners

• Durable, eco-friendly, lightweight and rugged

• Faux leather made

• 100% guaranteed product


Real wood to protect your iPhone is so refined and unique in its design. Plus, it makes us feel immersed in nature. Wanna impress everyone with simplicity and elegance? This is the case for you.

I literally fell in love with such a fine design, classic and modern at the same time. Who do I see with these cases? Self confident people.

Product details:

• Real wood

• Durable and Comfortable non-slip cover and fingerprints free

• Healthy – Chemical Smells free


It’s not real marble, of course, but the marble design still gives an icy, detached elegance typical of the stone. The case seems to state: “Hey I’m here, take a look at me! I’m strong as a rock, nothing can scratch me, so be careful not to mess with me!” LOL… Just kidding! But, hey, maybe not!

I see these cases in the hand of somebody who knows exactly what he wants and go for it! Or some spy that can easily camouflage his phone on the kitchen counter when needed, like a teenager ^_^

Product details:

• Support wireless charging

• TPU: Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane

• Screen safeguard:

• Light and thin

• IMD: In-Mold Decoration


So in love with iPhone shape that you’d prefer not to hide any part of it? The clear cases are what you’re looking for. Slim and non-bulky they leave almost unchanged your device’s design.

Or if you want to add a note of color you can choose from various shades. High definition transparency, enhanced protection for the screen and lens, barely noticeable… Feels like a bare iPhone! For the purists of the iPhone.

Product details:

• Light, slim and non-bulky

• Crystal clear

• Soft TPU: Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane

• Screen and camera protection


Diamonds are a girl’s best friends! Although what we have here is artificial rhinestone diamond, but who cares? Just let it shine!

For all the girls whose life’s filled with glitter to shine always and anyway, befits teen, girls and women. It is very Kim Kardashian style! What else?

Product details:

• Remember to remove the case when use wireless charger because the ring support is made of metal

• The edge of the case is inlaid artificial rhinestone diamond

• The 360 degree rotating ring allows a very comfortable use

• Sparks on the back are inserted inside the case to prevent them from losing their brilliance

• Anti-scratch protection and shockproof air-cushion corners to protect your iPhone

THE ZIZO (Bolt series)

There is a certain I do not know that reminds me of MacGyver in these cases … I love them! The bolt series is for those who take the protection of their phone very seriously or simply adore this super-protective style with a vaguely military flavor.

Not only for “the man who must never ask”, but also for very tough girls with whom you can not joke!

Product details:

• Hight protection for your phone

• Up to 10 different colors available

• Built-in kickstand

• Tempered glass screen protector included

• Compatible with the Zizo Wireless Qi Charger


I hope this post has helped you to untangle yourself among the myriad of proposals you can find online. Have you tried one or more of these cases?

Let us know what you think. What types are you? What kind of case have you chosen for your mobile phone? I’m really curious to read your comments and then get into guys!




Hi guys today we dive directly into design by talking about the most controversial hand held citrus fruit squeezer of the 20th Century: Philippe Stark’s Juicy Sailf for Alessi! Here it is. Those who have never seen this thing will probably be wondering “what is it?” and right after “what is this for?”

Fortunately for you there is me ^_^! I already spoiled it… it’is a lemon juicer, an old fashioned (is it really?) hand held citrus squeezer to be precise. Now, to better understand what we are talking about, let me show you briefly how it works:

Instructions for use: just place a cup underneath the Juicy Salif, press and twist the half citrus against the top and then you’ll see the squeezed juice flowing down the grooves into your very cup.


Alessi Juicy Salif citrus squeezer by Philippe Starck features:

• aluminium casting, mirror polished

• Iconic design by Philippe Starck

• Hand wash only

• 5.5″ l x 5.5″ w x 11.5″ h

Juicy Salif is made of die-cast aluminum, so it is absolutely light and functional, very easy to use thanks to the polished finishes.

The material used is excellent for getting in contact with food, so it does not alter or even deteriorate liquids.

In order to preserve it at best it is advisable not to let it come into contact with atmospheric agents and above all with sea air which could cause the oxidation of the metal, thus making the material unusable.

The use of aluminum makes the structure quite delicate at high pressure, but it is resistant and suitably practical as well.

It’s not dishwasher safe, so wash it under running water to avoid damages. Once used and washed, you can place it on a shelf as a decorative design object.


Alessi’s Company was founded in 1921 as a workshop with foundry for sheet metal and metal processing which soon became one of the leading Factories of Italian design.

At the turn of the 90’s the Company opened to plastic, wood, glass, porcelain and ceramics. During the first decade of the 21st century, Alessi collaborated with designers of various nationalities to create functional objects aimed at capturing people’s imagination.

Philippe Starck, born in Paris in 1949, is one of the most original and creative designers of our time that worked with Alessi. He talks about himself as a Japanese architect, an American art director, a German industrial designer, a French artistic director, an Italian furniture designer.


Once upon a time a brilliant, creative mind, named Philippe Starck, was having lunch in a restaurant on the Amalfi coast. He ordered a plate of calamari.

His thoughts were focused on finding a brilliant idea for the design of a tray, commissioned by Alessi, when he realized that he had no lemon to squeeze out of his squid.

Right before beckoning to the waiter, he was struck by an intuition. In order not to lose everything that was going through his head, he threw down some sketches on the restaurant’s paper towel.

Then, he sent it directly to Alberto Alessi, the manager of the company. When the paper came into his hands, Alberto did’t really realized what it was at first.

At the end he saw scribbles representing, in all likelihood, a squid swimming between grease stains and tomato sauce.

From left to right these scribbles gradually took on the shape of today’s Juicy Salif lemon squeezy.

Alberto Alessi says “A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking” and we have to give it to him that this is exactly the point with Juicy Salif.

Nowadays it is one of the Italian brand’s most iconic products and, still, is listed as the most provocative article in Alessi catalog.


We said that this citrus fruit squeezer is the most controversial of its kind. It is rumored that Starck himself said that “it’s not meant to squeeze lemons, it is meant to start conversations”.

This makes sense from the standpoint of Alessi’s design concept that ennobles objects by merging art and poetry in them. It is no coincidence at all that his company is also known as the “Dream Factory” whose products make people’s dreams come true.

So, how do they explain such a debated object? The President of the Italian design brand said he considers Juicy Salif “a big joke to everybody”, because it goes deliberately against the idea that form must follow function.

This leads us to a “very complex theoretical explanation for the project”, he says,”The explanation has to do with what semiologists call the decorative veil.

The decorative veil is the space that always exists between the function and the design of an object. There is never a complete overlap. In this case, Philippe (Starck) exploded that little space.”

Many assert that Juicy Salif is not a practical object and does not perform its function properly, claiming it creates a disaster on the kitchen counter… and what about the seeds, by the way?

There is no device that breaks their fall inside the glass! True, but you can place a strainer just above the glass to work around this inconvenience ^_^!

Others celebrate it as an object whose form goes beyond the function. Whatever your opinion, Juicy Salif earned its own place at MoMA in New York City. That said, it means that you have a work of art in your kitchen, no matter what.


If you like it here’s where you can find Juicy Salif. Does it work? Does it not? You watched the video above: did you get your own opinion on it?

Please, share your comments and if you own a Juicy Salif let us know what your experience with it is like.

I’m looking forward to read your opinions, so come on and give a sign! I leave you with the video interview to Alberto Alessi about Philippe Stark’s Juicy Sailf:



Hi folks, today I’m gonna show you where to find vintage chic home decor objects to set your own urban industrial style. If you missed my post about industrial design style in which I explain its principles and rules, catch up right here!

We have seen how industrial style is based essentially on discovering rather than on hiding, so brick walls alternate with concrete walls, leaving wires and piping in evidence.

Though, this may involve the risk of making the environment seem too cold and inhospitable, but we do not want this; we want the atmosphere to be warm and welcoming and we can do this with the help of vintage chic home decor items. With no further ado let’s begin with some wall decorations.


Some of the most fashionable objects are wall clocks. If you like to visit flea markets you’d be able to find ancient and original ones, but you can also buy them from online stores that offer perfect objects for urban industrial style, even if brand new.

Just remember that industrial style doesn’t mean shabby! All the objects must be kept in great care, even showing their factory defects and the joining lines. For example, metal objects must be polished and stain-free. Keep it in mind!

Reminding us of recycling and reuse, the wall clocks should be made from other objects or remind of the clocks that were used in the factories or warehouses of the past.

Rounded and sweet ornaments become useful to contrast the hard and squared lines of brick and cement. And here comes the sweet harmony of rounded wall clocks.

Would you ever say that you could get a watch from a bicycle wheel? Imagine it hanged on an exposed brick wall, don’t you find it fits perfectly with the style in question? If you have a bike you could think about hanging it on the wall as well… and it seems to be in a warehouse instantly!

Since a bicycle and a wall clock bicycle wheel would be redundant, you could opt for an oversize roman numeral wall clock… tres chic!

What about the one made from a porthole? It is very original and perfect for a concrete wall, where the metal stands out with its sheen contrasting with a matt background. As well as the beige vintage fan wall clock! Or the vintage-aged clock as well.

What else remind the most a factory if not gears? Here some gear works wall clocks:

If you have a wall that makes a corner this double-sided iron wall clock would be very nice, so you can read the hour from mostly every part of the room! It has the power to transport you back in time like if you were in an old train station.

And finally a collection of floor clocks made from tripods and other metal systems that reminds of those floor lamps used in photographic studios.


A decorated wall is the core of a warm house. Bare walls make it seem like an inhabited and abandoned environment, don’t you think? Plus there is a lot of elegant and funny stuff you can find to defuse a too serious environment.

Now, I no longer have to remind you to lighten the environment, so as not to risk having a too heavy effect!


Another important aspect of urban style is light! Light is a key element in industrial style, that’s because factories and warehouses used to have large windows that brought a lot of natural light and heat into environments otherwise, by their nature, dark and cold.

So, let’s take a look at these vintage floor lamps on a tripod. I added a tripod fan too… it was too cute not to show you!

Usually the urban chic style is well-matched with open spaces, like lofts, so kitchen, dining room and living room share the same space.

Especially in the kitchen we find pendant lamps with wires in plain sight made of metal like copper (that’s more warm than others).

Then light on the kitchen peninsulas and above the tables, where people gather to share friendly moments tasting good food and sipping Italian wine, of course!  ^_^


Here’re some side tables made of copper, wood, fabric and leather and fabric poufs. These elements of furniture can not be missing at all!

We need them to warm up the atmosphere to make our living room a pleasant place to lie watching TV or chatting with our friends! Some cool items can come handy to add a vintage touch as these here.


We have made a detailed excursus on the objects that help us to attribute an urban chic flavor to our apartment. Do you already have a room or a whole house furnished in this style? Show us the pictures of your rooms and tell us how you have furnished your spaces, where you have found the various objects and give us your suggestions and tips on how to create an industrial atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to reading all your comments, so go ahead! See you soon.


Here’s my Urban Chic Collection for Industrial Design Home Decor:


Hello everyone, today we talk about a very peculiar interior design style: industrial chic and the rules to avoid mistakes with your home furniture. Do you have in mind the new York lofts furnished with all those objects recovered from disused industries? That’s it: industrial design style within its industrial style home furniture as well!

It’s a very popular kind of home furniture, but it has its own principles to make it work. How to do that the right way without running risks? Let’s begin this journey through industrial design style.

First thing first a bit of history:

Manhattan’s overview from Rockefeller Center – Top of the Rock

We are in New York city back in the 50’s, where and when it all began.

The industrial design style took place as a trend that is still much in vogue today for home furniture.

As former offices and industries fell into disuse recovering those buildings became a need, so they were turned into private living spaces.

That’s how industrial design style was born. Reconverting spaces by keeping intact their original imprint: this is what it’s all about. Still, today there’s a great lofts demand in the market.

Lofts are cool, let’s say that! Though, not so “cool” anymore when you have to warm them up! ^_^ (Actually, heating an industrial chic room is usually done with a cast iron stove, or large gray radiators mounted on the walls, with recovery objects lying on the floor).

The idea of bringing beauty within disused and abandoned buildings, was an intriguing challenge for the creative minds of the time: a beauty that was meant to show her imperfections, with elegance and a touch of irreverence.

Not to mention the fact that Andy Warhol gave life to “The Factory”, his studio based in Midtown Manhattan, and turned it into a thriving and active aggregation center for the Big Apple’s artists, hipsters and socialites.

Then it was the turn of American movies and TV series set in those big lofts; people began to fall in love with the retro and vintage style in which the warehouses, they saw on the screen, were changed into.

Nowadays that industrial style from the 50’s is also called industrial chic or urban industrial, let’s say it’s a bit “sweetened” version than that of the past, and definitely less raw.


Essential and spartan, industrial style is also well combined with an environmental sustainability subject, because it comes to reuse. Basically the industrial style is made up of bare pieces, such as recovery and vintage objects accompanied by furniture with sober, essential and clean lines.

It’s motto is “showing not hiding”! So brick walls, large and simple fixtures, high ceilings and antique wooden beams are highlighted.

Rigorous minimalism with a few component to connote the environment.

Sobriety of colors and shades aims to enhance the single elements to emphasize a modern, dynamic and at the same time whimsical environment, in which metallic reflections are intertwined with rigorous monochromes, giving life to a classy and minimalist atmosphere.


Functional, absolutely basic and made of resistant materials, the furnishings have a strong simplicity and a grunge charm that allows them to be placed in any environment, from the living room to the kitchen, as from the bathroom to the bedroom, in a very original way.


Metals, wood and stone are matched wisely to give life to a captivating and unique simplicity of its kind. Just be aware not to make the environment too cold by using too many ferrous metals, which are clearly the most popular.

Wood and copper come in handy to avoid this risk, not to mention leather, especially the brown one that warms up the atmosphere. You have to create welcoming environments, don’t forget it’s your home we’re talking about, it has to be a comfortable place to you, your own safe spot.

Colors and light:

Gray within all its shades up to black is the base of the color palette here, but beige and brown are good too; white is also allowed to spread a little light to the environment.

Natural light is essential because it manages to lighten the atmosphere, elements such as metal furniture can be visually heavy. Bulky and large lamps bring light into the room and hold the industrial spirit of the 50’s New York lofts.

As well as floor lamps and spotlights alternate with suspended ones (whose wires must be clearly visible to recall perfectly the factory structure).


Indeed, one of the main advantages about the industrial style is that it coexists with any other decoration.

For instance, it does not happen that marble fireplace clashes with exposed bricks, metal table and industrial lamps. On the contrary, this anachronistic touch obtains a very special effect in the living room bringing a sense of warmth and hospitality.

Industrial chic of your own:

We’ve talked about industrial chic or urban industrial and I hope this post has been useful to you. Why don’t you share pictures of your personal industrial style corner of the house or some beautiful items you found at a flea market that really made your day? Need tips on which furniture to choose for your urban chic decor? You’ll find a few ideas on my post about vintage chic home decor.

You really don’t know which could be your design style? No worries. I have the solution for you! Go to Davona’s Home Decor web site, she has the answer. You’ll find your design style in 4 simple steps.

I look forward to see your photos and to read your ideas about this topic. Thank you for stopping by… See you soon!



So, you got me, I am a unicorn lover. Are you? (Let’s be serious: it’s hard not to be one!). I also like food very much. So, today I did combine both these elements. What? No, I’m not going to eat a unicorn, LOL! Wait a moment, yes I actually am… in a way, and likely you are too.

Here’s the thing: are you looking for amazing unicorn cakes designs? If the answer is yes, well, you’re very lucky. I found at least two of the cutest things I’ve ever seen about that. Not just unicorn, but also many other cakes designs ideas.

The face of “Unicorns eat cookies”

Guys meet “Unicorns eat cookies, the blog of a girl who knows a lot about cakes and cake designs.

Her name is Nicole. She lives in a fantastic place where unicorns eat cookies and it’s she herself to bake for them.

Italian by birth, but living in UK, Nicole tells a “story made of a thousand different flavors and colors, where cookies are protagonists”.

She loves to prepare delightful bites and she would even like to hire a unicorn for home delivery. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll accomplish this task, by the way, we wish her to succeed.

Not by chance she says she’s a daydreamer. Meanwhile, she bakes palate’s delights that are yummy even in pictures! Take a look at these cake toppers:

Cake toppers


Homemade big fan, Nicole’s recipes are totally made up with natural ingredients: because she wants only the best for her unicorns.

Without further delay let’s get started with this roundup of delicious goodness. Which other cake would I be talking about first if not the unicorn chiffon cake?

Unicorn chiffon cake

Known to be as fluffy as a cloud this cake is butter cream covered and sugar paste decorated with meringues on top. Wonderful, is it? Simply perfect… actually, thinking about it, it has a flaw, a big one, I can tell: it’s too beautiful to be eaten ^_^

Would you like to try it? No worries, because, since she cares about her unicorns, Nicole made a video-tutorial to make this wonderful cake.

That’s a good idea to surprise your guests at your little girl’s birthday party or, why not, at your own.

I promised you another unicorn design; well, it’s not proper a cake, but it’s a simple and amazing decoration that would be perfect on a cake too. Drum roll… Ta-da! It’s a unicorn pumpkin.

Nicole used fondant to decorate it, but, you could also apply this idea to realize a centerpiece by using clay.

Pumpkin unicorn


It’s almost Easter time, which is why the next cake is a carrot cake filled with cream cheese and topped with a cute lamb face.

Who says that Easter is just for Easter Bunny? In Italy, we are used to eating lamb on Easter Day, but whether you are a vegan or simply don’t eat meat this carrot cake should do.

Carrot cake with Easter decoration

Nicole made an Easter centerpiece too by decorating eggs using only Mother Nature’s help: vegetables to color them. Here’s how to have different colors:

Natural DIY Easter eggs
  • Red cabbage to make turquoise eggs
  • Carrots to turn them bright yellow
  • Yellow onions to turn them brick-red
  • Blueberries to turn them light purple
  • Spinach to turn them green.


Italian jam tart for Mother’s Day

Spring is in the air and this decorated Italian jam tart seems to celebrate this season.

Actually Nicole made this cake for her mom, in particular for Mother’s Day, and the spontaneity of a mother’s love inspired this simple and beautiful design.

She used an Italian shortcrust for the base and then a pie crust (like a traditional American one) to decorate, because, as she explains, “decorations keep their shape better after being baked”.

I love particularly this idea where these two traditions meet, because Italy is my origin country and North America is the country where I currently live, plus I love crust pies!


Moustaches cake for Father’s Day

We talked about moms, now it’s dads time!

Our Nicole made this special delicacy for Father’s Day.

Why mustaches to decorate it?Because her dad used to have mustaches back in the 70’s and this memory is related to her childhood. How sweet!



This recipe made me literally freak out! I love things that are not what they look like. It’s a creativity blast, I mean taking a subject and turning it into something else, not altering its essence… it’s brilliant! Here is fruit sushi:

Fruit sushi

Fruit tarts with custard cream are another big passion of mine, also are a cornerstone the Italian confectionery tradition… I remember looking forward to dessert time during Sunday’s family’s lunches.

Just take the chance to taste them and you can’t help loving them too. A rainbow of hues and a perfect mix between creamy and fresh. I totally agree with Nicole when she says “Guys, believe me, these tarts are amazing!”

Fruit tarts with custard cream


Dulcis in fundo (Last but not least), I left chocolate as the last today’s recipe. Back in the UK, after her Italian Christmas holidays, Nicole published the recipe of chocolate bites on a stick, perfect side dish of a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it, yum.

Chocolate bites on a stick

This dessert’s presentation is truly a synthesis of design: it combines the beauty (in this case the goodness) with the functional.

In fact, these pieces of chocolate on a stick are perfect to soak in hot cocoa without getting dirty, but enjoying all the pleasure of the chocolate taste that melts in your mouth. Great job Nicole!


You know what? I really like how passionate Nicole is about her job, especially because every recipe is filled up not just only with delicious stuffing but, above all, with memories linked to her roots: Italian traditional baking.

I leave you with all these great ideas about cake design and I invite you to try some Nicole’s recipes and tell us how it went. Deal? Looking forward to reading your comments and watching some pictures of yours recipes.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

See you soon,







Hi there everyone!

Though it’s still fall here in NC, the 70 degrees of the past few days make me think that spring is knocking on door! Lately, I must confess it, I had some issues on how to dress up. Because in the past few weeks temperatures went from 35 degrees early in the morning to 65 and up in full daylight. So how to dress? Maybe it could be a little early for shorts, but surely it’s a great time for boots (personally, I think it’s always a good time for them) especially leather ankle boots… the timeless charm of leather, my dear ladies.

Back to Italy temperature range wasn’t that accentuated. You know exactly what to wear, and it’s OK all day long. Here in NC, even if we are on the same parallel of Rome, my city of birth, still temperatures go a little crazy… Any Italian knows how to properly dress in layer (we say “dressing like an onion”, but without smell!), that way you remove one when needed… just one layer at a time and it’s done! But here we are again: how to dress, then? Take a look at this outfit:

Early Spring look

I matched denim shorts with a long cardigan… this one works as Linus’s blanket, it protects you. Need cover? You fasten the cardigan. Don’t need it? Just leave it open and uncover your legs! Problem solved.

If you are a bit ‘chilly, like me, you can wear tights: flesh-colored pantyhose or very colorful tights according to your taste. Plus if you suffer from cellulite (those who do not raise their hands and kindly leave the class… kidding, but I really envy you :D), you can uncover your legs and hide the defect. Trick!

As you can see leather is the common thread of this early spring outfit: belt, boots and bag (hobo). Probably you may like the same color, but a different shade for the boots and the accessories… and here you are served:

Brown leather ankle boots, belt and bag

This is a day outfit to meet a friend by the coffee bar or walk the dog to the park, that’s why I chose ankle boots without heels, to be comfortable! I matched them with this bag, as big as that of Mary Poppins, because, when girls go out, all they may need have always to fit in their bags!

I hope you liked it. Check all the details of this early Spring outfit.

If you need any help or tried an outfit like this, please share a comment to let us know what you think about it! I’m looking forward to read your personal experience and don’t forget that suggestions on this subject are very welcome.

See you next time,